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Caldwell University Conversations

Our CALDWELL UNIVERSITY CONVERSATIONS podcast comes to you from the beautiful campus of Caldwell University in Caldwell, New Jersey.  Caldwell University Conversations features engaging guests who share news and information about students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Caldwell University is a leader in applied behavior analysis, a highly effective scientific approach to teaching children on the autism spectrum. The university offers a master’s and a doctoral program in ABA. And serves children on the spectrum at its Center for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Mainstream applications of applied behavior analysis: teaching car seat installation and safety skills

Caldwell University is a leader in training in applied behavior analysis, a highly effective scientific approach to teaching children on the autism spectrum. Associate Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis Jason Vladescu, Ph.D. and ABA doctoral student Antonia Giannakakos join us on Caldwell University Conversations. They discuss mainstream applications of applied behavior analysis such as how it can be used to train people in installing child car seats and in teaching kids safety skills.

Listen to the podcast here.

Community service mission trip to Belize

Students Marisa Juliano and Sean Puzzo and Director of Advisement Henrietta Genfi are guests on Caldwell University Conversations to share their experience serving on a mission trip to an impoverished area of Belize during winter break. They talked about their practical work in repainting a school, how they forged friendships and came away from the experience with important life lessons including a greater realization that happiness lies in human connections not in material things.

Listen to the podcast here.

College Planning Advice for Families

On this episode of Caldwell University Conversations, our guests explain the college planning process including the search, financial aid, loans, deadlines and visits to campus. Planning for college is an exciting time–that is why knowing the right steps to take makes the process that much smoother for parents and prospective students. Joseph Posillico, vice president for enrollment and communications at Caldwell, and Stephen Quinn, assistant vice president for admissions, provide information on how to navigate through the process and the resources the Caldwell University staff provides to help families during this important period.

Listen to the podcast here.

New media and technology engaging prospective and current students.

new-media-2On this episode of Caldwell University Conversations our guests discuss how Caldwell is using innovative media tools and technology for student engagement and recruitment. Joseph Posillico, vice president for enrollment and communications, Anthony Yang, executive director of IT operations and digital communications, and Steve Quinn, assistant vice president for admissions talk about the role new digital media is playing in increasing enrollment, in marketing, in enhancing campus life and introducing students around the globe to Caldwell University.

Listen to the podcast here.

The International Student Experience at CU

podcast-internationalIn this episode of Caldwell University Conversations our guests discuss the international student experience at Caldwell University.   Maulin Joshi, director of international student services, Jan Marco Jiras, director of undergraduate admissions and an international recruiter and Katherine Llangari, a Caldwell University student from Ecuador talk about the ways international students enrich Caldwell University’s campus life.  They describe the supports and processes that are in place to help prospective and current international students, the different cultural celebrations held on campus and student-initiated humanitarian relief efforts to help those affected by earthquakes in Ecuador and Nepal.

Listen to the podcast here.

Excitement builds as university plans for fall 2017 sprint football launch

Caldwell University is adding sprint football to its roster of Sports. The Cougars sprint-tilefootball team takes to the field in the fall of 2017. In this episode of Caldwell University Conversations Assistant Vice President and Director of Athletics Mark Corino, Sprint Football Head Coach Daryle Weiss, and Chief Information Officer Don O’Hagan talk about the Athletics department’s preparation and planning for the addition of this exciting full-contact, intercollegiate varsity sport and what it will mean for the university and the surrounding communities.

Listen to the podcast here.


Domenic-Maffei-headshot Caldwell University is offering a new Bachelor of Arts in Applied Language. Professor Domenic Maffei, chair of the Modern Languages Department and the History and Political Science Department, joins us on Caldwell University Conversations to explain the Applied Language program and how it will prepare students for work in a number of areas including government, education, information and library services, nonprofits, business, public relations, international business, travel and tourism, communications, advocacy, and social services.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Impact of Catholic Sisters on the History of the United States

MarieMullaney019Dr. Marie Mullaney, historian and professor of history at Caldwell University, shares her research on the numerous contributions religious sisters have made to the growth of the United States. She discusses how Catholic sisters were pioneers even before the founding of the U.S. living out the mission of service to help the sick and those most in need. She shares the work they have done in starting hospitals, women’s colleges, and schools and the need to document that history. Mullaney talks about the national oral history project SisterStory, which Caldwell University students took part in this past year with the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell.

Listen to the podcast here.

Dr.-Berki-Eva-SucharCaldwell University Science Students Engage in Research

Caldwell University biology student Eva Suchar and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Agnes Berki discuss the benefits of research for science students. Suchar explains how she worked with Dr. Berki, her advisor, on research on the “Optimization of Fluoridation using Streptococcus sanguinis and Streptococcus salivarius for Better Oral Hygiene”. A highlight was being able to present the project at the Independent College Fund of New Jersey’s Undergraduate Research Symposium at the Liberty Science Center in the spring. Dr. Berki talks about the department’s plans for research for students in 2016-17.

Listen to the podcast here.

Sarah-and-AnabelaGraduate and undergraduate commencement speakers reflect on their Caldwell experiences

The student commencement speakers for 2016, Sarah Schiffelbein and Anabela Santos, share their experiences in academics and activities at Caldwell, the support they have received from their professors, their career plans, and why they would advise prospective students to choose Caldwell.

Listen to the podcast here.

Core values pinsScience Students Benefit from Partnership with Johns Hopkins University

During the summer of 2015 Science student Deborah Balthazar had the opportunity to intern at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.   She joins us to talk about her experience in the JH Bloomberg School of Public
Health Diversity Summer internship program.  Also joining us is Pamela Marte, a science student, who has been accepted into the program for summer 2016. They discussed how the program gives students the chance to learn different aspects of public health and medicine and meet other students from around the country.    Deborah shares how she was assigned to the Johns Hopkins Center for Livable Future where she researched food recovery and food waste.  She talks about having the wonderful opportunity to meet with alumna Dr. Barbara Detrick, a professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who set up the partnership between Caldwell and Johns Hopkins.
April 2016

Listen to the podcast here.

SisterStory Oral History ProjectCore values pins

The stories of Catholic sisters are an integral part of the history of the United States.  Caldwell University is taking part in the national SisterStory campaign aimed at raising awareness about Catholic sisters.  Caldwell was founded by the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell.

Dr. Nancy Becker, assistant to the president for special projects, is leading Caldwell’s SisterStory Oral history project. Sophomore Averi Zarbetski has been taking part in the SisterStory project for her academic studies. Dr. Becker and Zarbetski talk about the benefits of the project for students and sisters and the importance of the endeavor especially during a year when the worldwide Order of Preachers is celebrating its 800th anniversary.
March 2016

Listen to the podcast here.