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Caldwell, N.J., – April 29, 2015 -Mark Mautone, New Jersey Teacher of the Year and alumnus of Caldwell University’s M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis program, was welcomed to the White House by President Obama on Wednesday, April 29 along with the other state teachers of the year and the National Teacher of the Year.

Mautone was named New Jersey State Teacher of the Year in fall 2014.   He is a special education teacher from Hudson County.  He teaches preschool children who are on the autism spectrum at Wallace Elementary School in Hoboken.

Mautone uses technology and iPads to help children learn and speaks nationally on the benefits of properly using technology to enhance education for children on the spectrum.

He credited Caldwell with giving him a strong foundation in applied behavior analysis.    “My advice to teachers who have only had ‘on the job training’ in ABA is to enroll in a formal higher education ABA program,” he said.  “Caldwell’s comprehensive graduate ABA program has taught me more than any school district, workshop or conference could offer in terms of training.  Caldwell has some of the most respected professionals in the field.”