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The Marketing Club recently hosted a business field trip to Pinnacle Foods in Parsippany, N.J. The focus of the trip was to engage student members in a real-world corporate environment. Highlights of the excursion included a fascinating presentation from top management, a company tour, and a product taste test session. Students were allowed to view firsthand how products are developed, tested, marketed, advertised, evaluated, and finally released to market.

Marketing Club president James Stark, was excited for the club to get a good sense of the business world and visualize marketing practices in action. “It was an enriching experience that seemed to bring together all of the knowledge that students have learned in their marketing classes over the years. The presentation was enlightening, the tour was engaging, and the taste test was just plain fun. I think this experience was the start of a new Marketing Club field trip tradition,” said Stark.

Marketing Club advisor Dr. Tom Keen was very happy with the outcome of the trip. “It was an exciting event as it made the classroom come to life for the students. The day was so well planned that our hosts covered all of the major parts of marketing. Students experienced firsthand how a food company works and how they develop new products.  It was definitely one of the best experiences the Marketing Club has sponsored in many years,” he said.

Pinnacle Foods manages several well-recognized product brands that are found in 85% of American households. Examples of some of their famous product brands are Vlasic, Wishbone, Hungry Man, and Mrs. Butterworth’s.