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Hometown: Hawthorne, New Jersey

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology with Minors in Psychology and Theology

Madison Perry finished her time at Caldwell University with an adaptability she could have never expected to develop. After all, who could have predicted the challenges the Class of 2021 would face? As her college experience shifted during COVID-19, she learned never to take anything for granted.

“I feel that this is something that I have heard through my whole life,” Perry says, “But it really came to fruition this past year.” And while some doors may have closed, Perry can see that other doors opened in their place. “This past year has given me the opportunity to take advantage of local jobs hiring. Overall, I would say that while it may seem like all hope is lost when it comes to your future, it is important to take a step back and evaluate. There will always be roadblocks in our lives but with that comes new opportunities.”

Perry, a native of Hawthorne, New Jersey, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with minors in Psychology and Theology on May 23, has certainly made the most of the open doors she has discovered during her time at Caldwell. During the pandemic, she was able to take on a virtual internship that allowed her to teach science to students in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  She also participated in a Belize Immersion Trip during her time at Caldwell, both as an attendee and then as a student leader. She took part in the Dominican Youth Movement, served as a student ambassador for Catholic Relief Services and was an orientation leader. 

In addition to her impressive list of accomplishments in the classroom and on service projects, Perry was also a member of the women’s bowling team, winning the Conference Championships and having the opportunity to bowl in the NCAA tournament in 2019.

Perry plans to take a gap year from school in order to strengthen her application to become a genetic counselor. She served as the vice president of the Health Professions Club at Caldwell and was a member of Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. She will add to that resume as she moves on to work as an applied behavior analyst aide in an elementary school, working one-on-one with students with autism spectrum disorder.

Perry graduates from Caldwell confident that if she could do it all over again, she would absolutely pick Caldwell University for her undergraduate education. 

“Caldwell has given me a chance to not only pursue my academic and athletic goals, but also be able to serve others during my time. I was able to take advantage of various opportunities at Caldwell that I may not have been able to do at larger campuses.” 

She also celebrates the atmosphere created at the University, which she knows contributed to her success.

“The community in general makes Caldwell so welcoming to others; more specifically, the professors and staff. The professors are always ready to help students when it comes to class or just life in general. I am proud to have called Caldwell as my home the past four years.” 

  • Nicole Burrell ‘09