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As a JAG-ONE employee, spouse or dependent, you have access to a variety of benefits at Caldwell University including:

  • A 25% tuition discount
  • Over 60 Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs, both on-campus and online, that will prepare you for your future
  • Instruction from acclaimed faculty members with real-world experience in their fields
  • Access to other scholarships, grants, and financial aid
  • The flexibility of earning your degree while continuing in your career

Take the Next Steps:

  1. Explore our undergraduate and graduate degree programs and learn how Caldwell can help shape your future
  2. Complete the Request for Information Form below to learn more about our programs
  3. Apply for Admission to Caldwell University
  4. Once you have applied and been accepted to your program of choice, complete the Tuition Discount Form

“As a mom, executive, and wife of a husband who consistently travels, I am forever grateful to Caldwell University for providing me with the flexibility, convenience and comprehensive curriculum to further my education. I also needed a program that was affordable and convenient to coincide with my priorities as a working mom. From the admissions department to the professors, the Caldwell University community welcomed me with open arms and supported me throughout every step of this journey. Thank you for providing me with an outlet to chase my dreams and accomplish my goals.”   – Kayla George, Vice President, Marketing, JAG-ONE

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