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 By: Marina Maret.

Caldwell, NJ – July 15, 2013- Incoming students had the chance to get a taste of what the local Caldwell restaurants have to offer as part of their orientation experience. Led by their orientation leaders, 140 freshmen and transfer students were introduced to six eateries on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell on June 27.

Students could opt to dine at either Rockn’ Joe, Casa Filippo, Calandra’s, the Cloverleaf Tavern, Eurogrill or Hog Wild Barbeque.

Caldwell University has included the restaurant visits as part of its orientation program for the last three years. Tim Kessler-Cleary, director of student activities and volunteer outreach, said that the dining experience is mutually beneficial –both for the students and the restaurants. “It really gives the students a chance to experience some of what the town of Caldwell has to offer.”

As incoming freshmen it can be difficult getting to know one’s new surroundings, and the office of Student Life wanted to make sure that new students were familiar with the town where they would be studying and living in the fall. The students also saw orientation as an opportunity to make friends with their new peers. Janiece Montas, an incoming freshman, chose to dine at Rockn’ Joe. The orientation got her excited for the new school year, “Meeting all of these people is just the beginning of what is going to come later on. I feel more relaxed about starting school now.”

 Hog Wild Barbeque owner Drew Daniolowicz was glad to have the Caldwell University students return to his restaurant for the third year in a row. “The kids were laughing and having a good time. It was a really great experience for both them and us.”

 “I am really enjoying my time here at the orientation,” said Roman Diduch, another member of the Class of 2017. “I can’t wait to see all of these kids again in August. I met a lot of great people. Go Caldwell Cougars!”

 Other incoming students will have the opportunity to visit the eateries on July 29.