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A picture of Freshmen holding their recognition scholarship
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Outstanding Caldwell University freshmen were recognized at a luncheon on campus on Feb. 22. The Freshman Recognition Ceremony is an event that honors first semester students who have a 3.8 grade point average or above.

Henrietta Genfi, director of advisement, said they were very proud of the students, especially since the transition from high school to college can often be fraught with uncertainty, difficulty and confusion. “It was wonderful to see all of these students persevere through a new academic climate. I am so glad we have the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge their wonderful accomplishments as they begin their Caldwell University journey.”

President Nancy Blattner congratulated the students on their academic accomplishments and acknowledged that they have many demands on their time: working one or more part-time jobs, family responsibilities, and social obligations among others. Still, these students have made their studies a priority, and for that, she is proud of them.

The students who were honored at the ceremony are:

  • Amy Avila
  • Alma Barraza
  • Colleen Brennan
  • Saugat Dahal
  • Rose Anna Dragonetti
  • Sune Egeskjold Stöckel
  • Michelle Eng
  • Samantha Eveland
  • Boned Figueroa
  • Connor Foor
  • Isabel Fourre
  • Tessa Fourre
  • Emily Greer
  • Kaitlin Guggiari
  • Dohee Han
  • Tiffany Henawi
  • Jonathan Herrera
  • Allison Johansen
  • Gianna Klucker
  • Megan Leach
  • Monica Legerme
  • Gabrielle Liberty
  • Jewelz Lopez
  • Kathryne Macaluso
  • Nicolette Minneo
  • Foujan Moghimi
  • Akiel Morris
  • Samantha Myers
  • Bhaskar Nhuchhe Pradhan
  • Aida Osmeni
  • Rashul Rajbhandari
  • Olha Shchur
  • Samyam Chandra Shrestha
  • Lillianna Sigona
  • Naomi Wingate
  • Krystal Yepe