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Tara Keane



Major: Elementary Education, Social Studies, Special Education

 Hometown: Lyndhurst, N.J.

What makes Caldwell University unique or special?

My favorite thing about Caldwell University is that it is such a small, close-knit community. There are always familiar faces around, and you can tell that the students, faculty, and staff all care about one another. There are many people at Caldwell who I know always cared about my success, and it was nice to have that feeling throughout my college experience.

What lessons have you learned at Caldwell University?

 If you take the time to set goals and focus on achieving them, putting forth all of your effort, and then take the time to reflect on your experiences, you will not only succeed in meeting those goals, but you will take yourself farther in life than you ever even imagined.

What are your future career goals and how has Caldwell University prepared you for them?

 My current career goal is to become a fabulous teacher. The Education program at Caldwell University has made me feel very confident in this area and has prepared me to be a wonderful teacher who never stops challenging herself and finds ways to benefit children in any way possible. In the future, I would like to continue my education and become a principal.

What was your biggest achievement at Caldwell University?

 As someone who loves to be a student, I strived to be the best that I could be academically while I attended Caldwell. It was a long, tough, and busy four years, but this year at the Honors Convocation, I won three awards, one of which was for service to the Education Honor Society, KDE. I was very proud of the honor. The other two honors were for excellence in my majors, the departmental award for excellence in Elementary Education, an area that has been my passion for years, and the Msgr. Joseph A. Brady History Award for the most outstanding senior research paper, an area that has become a passion of mine as I attended Caldwell. I was also nominated for the NJ Distinguished Student Teacher award this year. All of these honors have shown me that my efforts paid off and that others have recognized how hard I have worked to be the best I can be. These are experiences that I am very proud of.

What activities were you involved in at Caldwell University?

 Kappa Delta Epsilon

 Phi Alpha Theta

 Kappa Gamma Pi

 Delta Epsilon Sigma

 Alpha Chi

 Sigma Alpha Pi


 Presidential Scholar

 Dean’s List Fall 2008-Spring 2012

 Education Departmental Award in Elementary Education – Student with Highest GPA in major 2012

 Msgr. Joseph A. Brady History Award – Most Outstanding Senior Research Paper 2011-2012

 Award for Leadership and Service to Kappa Delta Epsilon, National Education Honor Society, 2012

 NJ Distinguished Student Teacher Award Nominee 2011-2012