Mousami Pandey


 Major: Mathematics and Business Administration; Minor: Economics

 Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

What makes Caldwell University unique or special?

 Caldwell University has a close-knit community that gives one a sense of belonging. Its small class size and encouragement in classroom participation make the learning experience fun and effective. More importantly, Caldwell also helps students build their personality and skills through out-of-class experiences.

What lessons have you learned at Caldwell University?

 I have found Caldwell University to be a great platform to interact and build friendships with people from diverse cultures and to learn about their diversity. It has taught me the value of giving to the community and enriching our lives. Here, I have learned to be independent and at the same time to reach out for support and resources when needed. Overall, it has helped me build my confidence.

What are your career goals and how has Caldwell University prepared you for them?

 With the liberal arts education I have received and all the experiences I have had, I am confident I will succeed no matter where I go and no matter what field I work in. Through my mathematics and business education at Caldwell and through my work experience as an intern in a financial firm, I have realized that I want to pursue a career as a financial analyst. I also plan to get a master’s degree. Regardless, I want to keep my arms open to different opportunities that life has to offer.

What was your biggest achievement at Caldwell University?

 Every achievement at Caldwell University has been a steppingstone for me. The biggest of these achievements was being a resident assistant. I was honored to be selected as an RA through an intense competition. The experience of working with the residence life team has been fun, a little challenging and very fulfilling.

What activities were you involved in at Caldwell University?

 I have been involved in various extracurricular activities at Caldwell University. I started out as the secretary of the International Students’ Organization in 2009. In 2010, I got elected as its vice president and also as the junior class representative for the Student Government Association. In 2011, I got elected as the vice president of the Student Government Association. Throughout my stay here, I volunteered at various community service events like the 5K Run-Walk for Autism Awareness, the Mid-Night Run, the Marian Manor’s Valentine’s Day for seniors, Haiti relief, diversity days and more.


Caldwell University C-Pin Award junior class

Delta Mu Delta Balwant Singh Award

Member of Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society

Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society

Dean’s list throughout academic career at Caldwell University

Anything else?

I am thankful to all the faculty and staff for making Caldwell a home away from home. Aside from gaining an education here, I have received a lot of love and support, and I hope Caldwell will always welcome and nurture students with affection and encouragement.