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Lauren Podkul


Major: Music/Education

Hometown: Bloomfield, N.J.

What makes Caldwell University unique or special?

Caldwell University is more than just a school. It’s a community. There’s such a sense of togetherness, and it’s obvious that everyone cares about and supports one another.

 What lessons have you learned at Caldwell University?

I’ve learned how important it is to help others. Caldwell University provided so many opportunities to reach out and help others, my favorite being the Alternative Spring Break trip to Kentucky. There, we helped rebuild homes for people who could not afford to do it themselves. I was fortunate to meet and work with so many wonderful people. We are all on this planet together and we all have an obligation to do what we can for each other.

 What are your career goals and how has Caldwell University prepared you for them?

My career goal is to become a teacher. I feel that Caldwell University has prepared me for this by allowing education students to be in the classroom with students from very early on in our academic careers. I had so many wonderful, supportive professors who truly cared about how I was doing and continually pushed me to improve. I also feel that the liberal arts education that Caldwell offers is beneficial to students going into any career because it allows them to become more well rounded individuals who can better interact with people from all backgrounds.

 What was your biggest achievement at Caldwell University?

My biggest achievement at Caldwell University was completing my senior recital. I’ve never worked so hard and for so long on one thing, and I am so grateful that so many people were there to support me.

 What activities were you involved in at Caldwell University?

During my time at Caldwell University, I was involved the choir, the wind ensemble, string ensemble, and flute ensemble. In addition to music, I was also an active member of Campus Ministry, where I took part in many of their ministries, including tutoring, Midnight Runs, aftercare at Horizon High School, and retreats for high school students. I was an Orientation Leader/Peer Mentor, and also wrote for The Kettle and worked as a tutor in the Writing Center.


I was a co-recipient of the Peggy Harris-Garron Grant of the Education Department. This year I received Caldwell University’s Departmental Award for the Music Department and the St. Catherine of Alexandria Medal.

 Anything else?

I couldn’t be happier that I chose Caldwell University. I had the best professors in the world and made some amazing friends. I wish all the graduates much continued success.