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Joshua Getka




What makes Caldwell University unique or special?

The students and faculty make Caldwell a unique learning environment. There is a wonderful diversity alive and thriving at Caldwell, and it’s that diversity and mixture of culture that influence leadership. Not only do students learn in their varied courses of studies but also from each other along with close interactions with faculty.

What are your goals and how did Caldwell University prepare you?

Ideally I would love to start my teaching career at a well-supported and established instrumental band program in a New Jersey public school district. It has been a dream of mine ever since I attended Caldwell University to one day return to educate future aspiring music teachers. Additionally, I would like to continue performing and teaching privately.

 What lessons have you learned at Caldwell?

The life lessons I learned at Caldwell are many. I’ve learned there is a difference between management and leadership. Many students manage, but few lead. I’ve learned I need to be an advocate for my beliefs and there is no shortcut to having integrity. I learned a great deal from the faculty but mostly through President Blattner. She helped me understand the difference one can make for others through determination and hard work. Every time I spoke to possible incoming students or accepted students for Admissions, I spoke from the heart and tried to exhibit the sense of passion and determination that was instilled me.

What was your biggest accomplishment?

Biggest accomplishment? My senior recital! Lots of hours of practicing and coaching from the music faculty, who truly believe you never give up! I’m also extremely proud that I took part in the Christian Appalachian Project, which took place during spring break of 2011 in Flatgap, Ky. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve helped someone who really needs it.

 What activities were you involved in at Caldwell University?

Musically, I was extremely involved in every and any aspect possible. I was president of MENC, the music educators organization, and played and sang with every music ensemble. I was an NCAA Division II athlete, competing all four years with the men’s tennis team. I also served as a student ambassador and student speaker for the Admissions office.


I am a member of both the Kappa Delta Epsilon and Kappa Gamma Pi honor societies. I was the 2010 recipient of the Marina Caroll-Charles LaBelle Music Scholarship. I also received the Caldwell University C-pin during my sophomore year.