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Post-Master Reading Specialist Certification

This program is designed to meet the State of New Jersey certification requirements for the Reading Specialist Certification for applicants who have a master’s degree and two years teaching experience under New Jersey certification.

Admissions Requirements Program Requirements
  • Formal application to Caldwell University’s Office of Graduate Studies
  • Verification of an earned master’s degree through official graduate transcript(s)
  • New Jersey certification in education and completion of two years documented full-time teaching experience with a STANDARD New Jersey Instructional Certificate. Letter substantiating this should be submitted on letterhead of school district.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • One to two-page statement of goals and objectives expected by the candidate while in the program
  • Personal interview 

Required Core Course (12 credits)

ED 528 Literacy Assessment and Evaluation (3)
 12-hour field requirement
ED 564 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties (3)
 12-hour field requirement
ED 576 Reading Foundations (3)***
ED 628 Supervised Practicum and Reading (3)
40-hour field requirement
*** ED 510 Reading and Communication (3) may be substituted for this course.

Selection of three (3) of the following courses (9 credits)
ED 526 The Reading Specialist as Teacher Consultant (3)
ED 534 Instruction and Assessment of Writing for Special Needs Students (3)
ED 535 Neurophysiological Basis of Learning, Theories of Teaching and Reading for Students with Individual Needs (3)
ED 574 Literature for Children (3)
ED 583 Literature for Adolescents (3)