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Post-Master in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Post-Master in ABA was designed to introduce students to the field of behavior analysis and to prepare students for employment within the fields where there are growing demands for competent professionals in applied behavior analysis: namely, developmental services, special education, and mental health. In this program, students are only required to show proficiency in coursework. The curriculum for this program focuses on (a) the principles and procedures of basic and applied behavior analysis practice and research and (b) the application of behavior analysis and behavioral support in complex environments (i.e., home, school, work, other community settings, and institutional settings).

Admissions Requirements Program Requirements Gainful Employment Disclosure

Note: The application deadlines for the Post-Master ABA Program are:
April 1 – Summer • June 1 – Fall • December 1 – Spring

  • M.A. in ABA, Psychology, or Education. Applicants who do not meet these requirements are urged to apply to the Caldwell University M.A. in ABA program or an equivalent program.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.3 in master’s degree coursework
  • Official transcripts of their master’s degree coursework
  • Writing sample: a research-based paper in psychology or education of at least ten pages that was previously submitted as part of a graduate course. Other subject matter may be considered if the candidate has had limited prior psychology or education work. If applicable, the applicant’s master’s thesis is preferable.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement of several pages in length describing reason for pursuing graduate study in ABA at Caldwell University
  • Personal Interview

ABA 526 Behavior Analysis and Learning (3)
ABA 534 Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
ABA 537 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
ABA 553 Assessing Autism Interventions (3)
ABA 556 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
ABA 563 Ethics for Behavior Analysts (3)
ABA 572 Language and Social Skills for Individuals with Autism (3)
ABA 574 Professionalism for Behavior Analysts (3)

Transfer of Graduate Credit
Caldwell University will accept the transfer of a maximum of three credits of graduate work in psychology, education or a closely related field, provided that the credits were completed within five years of the student’s registration at Caldwell University. Official transcripts of previous graduate work as well as the catalog description of each course must be submitted for review at the time of application. Approval of transfer credit is based on course content and grade earned in the course. Each transfer request will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator.

Caldwell University OPEDID 002598
Department of Education CIP Code for program: 42.2814
CIP Program Title and Definition Applied Behavior Analysis – A program that focuses on the application of principles of learning and behavior to enhance the development, abilities, and choices of children and adults; and that prepares individuals to address the behavioral needs of individuals, especially those with developmental disabilities and autism. Includes instruction in behavior analysis and learning, behavioral and functional assessment, developmental psychology, applied behavioral analysis in developmental disabilities and autism, applied behavioral analysis in mental health and aging, research methods, evaluation of interventions, and professional and ethical issues.
Occupations Related to the program 11-9199.00    Managers, All Other19-3031.00    Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists19-3031.01    School Psychologists

19-3031.02    Clinical Psychologists

19-3031.03    Counseling Psychologists

19-3039.00    Psychologists, All Other

25-1066.00    Psychology Teachers,Postsecondary

Normal time to complete program 45 weeks or 3 semesters (based on full time enrollment = 9 credits per semester.)  
Total estimated tuition and fee costs  $23,880 (24 credits at $995 per credit) $235 per semester enrolled
Book and supplies costs Estimated at $600-$1000 per semester
Room and Board not offered
Median Title IV Loan Debt $ 12,250
Median Private Loan Debt $  4,348

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