M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction

This program is designed for individuals who seek certification as a school principal and supervisor.

We claim that we prepare school leaders who will:

  1. Demonstrate their understanding of theories and strategic decision-making for educational administration and supervision in order to meet the learning needs of all students.
  2. Act in an ethical, fair, and trustworthy manner in their interactions with all members of the school community.
  3. Meet the requirements for certification and become eligible for employment as a principal or supervisor in the State of New Jersey.


Admissions RequirementsProgram Requirements


  • Students who enter the program as of September 2008 will be required to register for ED 680 Internship in Educational Administration in the semester they take ED 686/687 Problem-based Inquiry in Educational Administration I & II.
  • Undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0, or an earned master’s degree with GPA of 3.0
  • Official undergraduate/graduate transcripts
  • Minimum of three years successful teaching experience or its equivalent in New Jersey schools under a standard teaching or an appropriate certificate.
  • Copy of New Jersey teaching or school certification
  • Two professional references
  • Personal interview with the Program Coordinator
  • Writing sample: In lieu of the statement of objectives on the application, explain in a typed essay of at least 750 words why you wish to be a school principal; the leadership experiences you have had; and what specific leadership traits you believe you possess that would support your potential success as a principal.


  • ED 616 Qualitative and Quantitative Research for Educational Administrators (3)
  • ED 635 Principles and Practices of Curriculum Development and Supervision in Subject Matter Areas (3)
  • ED 650 Curriculum Leadership (3)
  • ED 670 General Principles of Staff Supervision: Theory and Practice in Educational Administration and Supervision (3)
  • ED 671 Foundations of Pre K-12 Administration and Curriculum Supervision (3)
  • ED 672 School Finance: Public and Private Funding (3)
  • ED 674 Education Law and Regulation (3)
  • ED 675 Communications for School Leaders (3)
  • ED 686 Problem-Based Inquiry in Educational Administration I (3)
  • ED 687 Problem-Based Inquiry in Educational Administration II (3)
  • ED 678 Managing Human and Material Resources (3)
  • ED 680 Internship in Educational Administration (3)


Internship: Effective with program admission in fall 2008, students entering the M.A. in Educational Administration must participate in a state-mandated 300-hour internship. There will be a set of specific activities that relate to the duties of a school principal that students will be expected to accomplish. Three (3) credits will be awarded for the 300 hours.

NOTE: It is understood that students must meet the State of New Jersey’s requirements for certification. Fees and requirements are set by the New Jersey Department of Education. Copy of teacher certification and minimum of three years experience under appropriate New Jersey teacher certification is necessary to begin program.

Candidates are eligible for New Jersey certification after working five years under appropriate certification and pass the School Leader Praxis.

 Transfer of Graduate Credit

Caldwell University will accept the transfer of six credits of graduate work in education from another accredited institution provided the credits were completed within five years of the student’s initial registration at Caldwell University. Official transcripts of previous graduate work as well as the description of each course must be submitted for review at the time of application. Approval of transfer credit is based on course content and grade earned in the course. Each transfer request will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator. All requests for transfer credit must be submitted and approved within the student’s first semester in the program.