Combined B.A. in Psychology/M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis

Qualified current Caldwell University undergraduate psychology majors may take advantage of the opportunity to pursue their M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis in an accelerated manner through the Combined B.A./M.A. program. It is designed to facilitate the ongoing academic accomplishments of students who have established a record of excellence in psychology at the undergraduate level. Acceptance into the program will allow up to 12 psychology credits to be “double-counted” toward both the B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis. The student pays undergraduate tuition for graduate courses taken prior to completing the bachelor’s degree, which is awarded upon completion of the bachelor’s requirements.

Note that the 12 double-counted credits will be designated as “applicable to the graduate degree” only after the student receives the bachelor’s degree and matriculates into the master’s program, which designation will be canceled if the student withdraws from graduate study before completing the master’s program. In that case, Caldwell University will count the credits only towards the student’s undergraduate degree. Note also that grades below B in required graduate-level courses will necessitate that the student retake that course; grades below B in an elective graduate-level course will necessitate that the student either re-take the course or take another graduate-level course in substitution. Students will only be permitted to take one graduate course per semester while still an undergraduate (under special circumstances, with permission a student may take two).

Students may apply in the semester prior to the semester during which they intend to begin the combined degree program.

  • Completion of at least 60 undergraduate credits with a minimum 3.5 overall GPA (this minimum must also be maintained for the remainder of the undergraduate degree completion)
  • Completion of at least 12 undergraduate psychology credits including PS 150 and PS 207 (General Psychology I and II)
  • Two letters of recommendation from undergraduate faculty in psychology
  • Personal Interview (applicants who qualify for an interview will be contacted by the ABA Department).
  • Completed online Graduate Application for Admission to the MA in ABA program.
  • GRE/MAT will be waived for students who matriculate through the combined degree program
Curriculum Substitutions
9 credits of required substitutions:
Taking this graduate course: Substitutes for this undergraduate course:
ABA 537 Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis PS 312  Applied Behavior Analysis
  (Required for M.A. in ABA)    
ABA 526  Behavior Analysis and Learning PS 328  Psychology of Learning
ABA 510  Survey of Research Methods and Statistics PS 402  Experimental Psychology


3 credits of elective substitutions from the following:
Taking this graduate course: Substitutes for this undergraduate course:
ABA 535 Biopsychology PS 304  Biopsychology
ABA 627 Psychopharmacology    
ABA 553 Assessing Autism Interventions PS 275 Overview of Autism
ABA 645 Developmental Disabilities    
ABA 521 Cognitive Psychology PS 326 Cognitive Psychology
(Note: ABA 510 is a prerequisite for this course)

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