NCE at Caldwell

Caldwell offers graduate students in counseling the opportunity to take the National Counselor Exam on-campus twice a year (Fall and Spring) as part of the NCE on campus program . Students who participate in the Board Eligible GSA-NCC process have the advantage of applying for the National Certified Counselor credential and taking the NCE prior to graduation. It is a three-step credentialing process:

  1. Pass the NCE and submit two required documents to NBCC: a] sealed, official graduate transcript, showing degree conferred and all educational requirements met; b] an initial Counseling Supervisor’s Endorsement From, showing at least one hour of counseling supervision completed.

  2. Receive Board Eligible NCC status; complete the required two years of post-graduate, supervised counseling experience, including 3,000 hours of work as a counselor and 100 hours of supervision. All Board Eligible NCCs are given three years from the date of passing the exam to complete the requirements.

  3. Submit documentation of completing the post-graduate experience and supervision requirements to NBCC, and receive full certification.

To be eligible to take the NCE on campus as part of this program, students must be within 6 months of their degree being conferred or have had their degree conferred within the past 6 months. In addition, students must have completed practicum AND Internship 1 before taking the NCE (including the practicum/internship prerequisite courses).