Requirements for Graduation

The requirements for graduation are slightly different depending on what track you are on.

Remember that all students need to take:

  • CPS 510 Research Methods & Statistics
  • CPS 545 Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling
  • CPS 633 Career Counseling (CPS 505 College & Career Counseling for School Counseling Students)
  • CPS 667 Lifespan Development

In addition, all students should be taking their practicum (3 credits) & internship courses (6 credits).

In total, Mental Health Counseling is a 60 credit track, School Counseling is a 48 credit track, and Art Therapy is a 63 credit track. Keep in mind that to be eligible for licensure in NJ, you need to have 60 credits (there are more details under “Licensure”).

Under the “Orientation” folder of the documents section, there is a suggested course plan that tells you the courses we think you should try to take first. In addition, under documents, there is a course tracking sheet for each of the three tracks that shows you course requirements for each track.

Remember that when you are ready to graduate, you need to apply to graduate. The graduate school has an “Graduate Degree Check Acknowledgement” under “Common Forms” that needs to be filled out by your advisor. This form is then attached to an “Application for Graduation” form that is available in the following two locations:

  • Office of the Registrar – Aquinas Hall, 1st Floor
  • Center for Graduate and Continuing Studies – Newman Center, 1st Floor (973) 618-3203