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Caldwell, NJ – April 7 2014- Chances are if you have bumped into web developer Anthony Yang on campus you have seen him donning Google Glass, a wearable computer that provides information like a smart phone does, hands free.

Back in February Yang decided to apply for the Google Glass Explorer program as a developer for education.  He thought his chances of getting accepted were pretty slim, but still he wanted to give it a shot. Much to his surprise and delight, a few weeks later Yang was informed that he had been invited to be a part of the Google Glass Explorer program.  Since that time he has used it to take pics and videos on campus.  Recently, he used it to document new campus 3D printers and scanners and to post videos and photos to the college’s social media outlets.   

Google Glass features an optical head-mounted display and users communicate with the Internet via their voice commands. “It is basically a wearable computer.  It has the ability to take voice commands, snap photos, record videos, check email, post to Facebook, navigate using gps for walking and driving and much more,” said Yang.

He is excited about the possibilities Google Glass has for Caldwell University and education. Soon, he will launch a campus social media contest calling for students to submit ideas on how to use Google Glass in a unique way for the benefit of the college.   “One student will be selected and we will post his or her idea and experience.  We will release a video documenting his or her experience and combine it with footage the student captures,” said Yang.  

Look for details coming soon on how you can join the Google Glass contest!