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Student Experience

Gifts to help underwrite capital and facilities renovations, our athletics facilities, and campus improvements, such as the new Chapel and the art therapy and studio art programs, are an investment in enhancing the student experience at Caldwell for generations to come.


To Keep Caldwell’s Catholic Dominican Identity at the Heart of Its Mission, a Chapel Must Serve as the Heart of Our Campus Relocating the Mother Joseph Chapel to a bright, inviting, highly visible space on the first floor of the Newman Center affirms our commitment to our Catholic Dominican roots by creating a dedicated place for prayer and reflection. The creation of the new chapel, a heartfelt acknowledgment of gratitude to our founders and sponsors, the Sisters of Saint Dominic, will serve as an enduring tribute to their vision for a university that places academic study hand-in-hand with spiritual development and practice.

Features of the new Chapel:

  • Stained glass windows adorning the existing chapel will be moved to the new space, ensuring the continuation of the legacy of the artist, Sister Julia Marie Moore, OP.
  • With ample seating the new chapel will provide an intimate venue for worship and spiritual life.
  • Individuals and groups will be welcomed to this place of prayer, contemplation, and meditation, which will offer a peaceful refuge from the rush of everyday campus life


A Vibrant, Inclusive Social Culture Forms the Foundation of a Robust, Engaged Campus Community Over the last ten years, the university has seen a 25% increase in the demand for on-campus housing. There are nearly 600 students living in the residence halls, which are at 96% capacity.

Goals to meet growing needs: The strategic goal of enlarging the student body represents an increasing need not only for more residential spaces, but also for those that are modern, well-designed, and well-equipped.

Going Social: Creating new common space is critically important to increasing opportunities for team building through group project activities, the forming of social bonds, and for strengthening each student’s relationship with the university. By re-appropriating the unused chapel space in Mother Joseph Residence Hall to create a state-of-the-art student lounge, we will develop a next-generation venue, powered by technology, to accommodate campus events, group study, recreation, and relaxation.

Getting Results: Increased social integration and social satisfaction are important factors in retention and graduation rates, which is why the imperative of creating community will impact all areas of university life.

The New Lounge Will Include: Leading-edge media, audio, and video equipment for independent and group use Telepresence tools that help create “in person” meeting experiences using high definition imagery such as videoconferencing The new lounge will free up space in existing smaller floor lounges for use as residence hall rooms, expanding our capacity to meet the increasing demand for on-campus housing.


Leveraging the Power of Art to Inform, Inspire, Transform, and Heal Art provides us with new eyes, allowing us to see the unseen, embrace a sense of wonder, and experience a more profound connection with one another and with our world. Caldwell’s art therapy and studio art students are bringing their considerable skills and talents to a world in desperate need of beauty, affirmation, compassion, and understanding.

    • Art Therapy
      Art therapy is a mental health discipline that engages the spirit of creativity in promoting psychological healing and growth. Caldwell’s graduate program meets the academic requirements for a degree in counseling with art therapy specialization. As licensed professionals, graduates are qualified for wide-ranging opportunities in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, and psychiatric facilities, among other settings. In order to ensure the future of Caldwell’s artistic legacy, philanthropic support will provide funding for the following:

      • The relocation and re-engineering of the art therapy program to encompass 1,540 square feet within the Visceglia building
      • Creation of two state-of-the-art classrooms, attractive work spaces, and new storage units, as well as a modern suite of offices in which student-faculty mentorship will be the focus
      • Renovation of two existing bathrooms for compliance with ADA standards
    Providing students with a comprehensive education in the arts that fosters individual creativity while enhancing critical and marketable career skills. Students progress from foundational classes in drawing, two- and three-dimensional design, and digital and social media, cultivating each student’s unique artistic sensibility within a framework of fine art fundamentals.In order to maintain this competitive edge, we must invest in our art programs and facilities, upgrading our supplies, equipment, and curricula to reflect all that our graduates will be expected to do in the working world. We can continue to provide a modern art education to students who will enter a modern world by:

    • Creating new, remodeled work spaces that combine timeless artistic expression with modern technology
    • Re-purposing the existing digital suite into a gallery space with secure storage
    • Investing in new furnishings, state-of-the-art printers, tablets, and software packages