Melancholia art created by four artists

M e l a n c h o l i a

Artists: Michael Amter, Andrew Baron, Greg Leshé and Richard Staub
Curator: Andrew Baron

October 19th – November 17th

Reception: Thursday, October 27th; 5pm – 7:30 pm

The Visceglia Gallery at Caldwell University is proud to present, Melancholia.
In Melancholia, four artists, Michael Amter, Andrew Baron, Greg Leshé and Richard Staub use diverse media including painting, video, sculpture and drawing to examine melancholy on personal as well as cultural levels. This compelling exhibition is an argument for an art of interior reflection that explores and embraces such feelings as mourning, disappointment, anxiety, separation, isolation and unease.

The diverse methods employed by each of the artists mirror their distinctive points of view. Michael Amter uses video and drawing to explore a fixation on cycles and symbols that feels simultaneously antic and disturbing, private and familiar, evoking dread and oddly satisfying completion. Andrew Baron makes abstract paintings that grapple with ideas of disappointment, anxiety and mortality. Greg Leshé is a sculptor, photographer, and installation artist who (for this exhibition) deals with issues of existential futility, depression, and absurdity in his exploration of elegiac tree forms. And finally, Richard Staub is a multi-threat artist who draws, sews, tapes, paints and otherwise constructs sculptures, drawings, collages and paintings of unease and sadness.

This exhibition raises provocative questions about the intersection of beauty and suffering. While the works in this show share a common thrust of difficulty and disquiet, they are executed with care and affection, wedding a depth of feeling and formal accomplishment that is both beautiful and inspiring.

This event is free and open to the public

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