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Fields of Vision 2017: Caldwell Art Department Faculty Exhibition

The Visceglia Art Gallery paintings

The Visceglia Art Gallery presents:

Fields of Vision 2017: Caldwell Art Department Faculty Exhibition

Bonnie Berkowitz, Judith Croce, Emilee Lord, Maya Manvi, Heidi Sandecki,
Larry Szycher, Kendall Baker

February 9 – March 8

Gallery Reception* :  Wednesday, Feb. 22  5-7:30 pm

Artists talks: Weds, Feb 22nd 12-1pm  Visceglia art studio #124

The Visceglia Gallery at Caldwell University is proud to present a faculty exhibition featuring a broad range of contemporary art practice and highlighting the diversity of the art faculty.

Almost every seven years, the gallery presents an exhibition of current work by the faculty of the Caldwell University Art Department who teach and actively pursue their own art and have shown their work nationally and internationally.

The artwork of faculty members, Bonnie Berkowitz, Judith Croce, Emilee Lord, Maya Manvi, Heidi Sandecki, Larry Szycher and Kendall Baker will be on display. The Visceglia exhibition galleries will showcase paintings, drawings, works on paper, sculpture, photographs, puppetry documentation, and sculptural installation work.

“Puppetry Theater must involve all of the art forms, design, drawing, painting, sculpture, music, writing and movement,” states Bonnie Berkowitz, who teaches in the Art Therapy graduate program.   Photographs of her recent performances show how “core elements collide to create a stew of objects, costume, story, and experimental puppets in a kinetic choreography of color and texture.”

A new body of work by Judith Croce, who teaches painting, drawing, 2-d design and color theory, is titled, ‘Pinups’.  She explains that she uses ephemeral materials to form “a continuation of my language of formal geometric abstraction as they emerge out of their interactions with the temporary spaces and places they are attached to.”

Emilee Lord teaches drawing and uses graphic inventions to explore, as she states, “houses and details of architecture being containers for the memory of the self and journey of this self.”  Her work questions, “the mapping of the places we live in as extensions of identity—an identity we constantly work to construct and dismantle.”

Maya Manvi, who teaches sculpture and 3-dimensional design states that her multi-media work in sculpture and video is about survival and that doing so requires that we “modify the conditions of a system (the confines of language, the traditions of objects) to get at the messy generosity of things.”

Heidi Sandecki, who teaches graphic design, uses chance to identify and manipulate abstract plant-based forms and glyphs in a series of watercolor works that blur the figure-ground relationship and “present a different view for aesthetic contemplation of ordinary yet subliminal symbols.”

Larry Szycher, who teaches painting, drawing and digital art, explores the way his canvasses “reconcile the texture, spontaneity, substance and reality of the materials with their subjective connotations. They strive to remain as ‘paint’ as well as illusion, and use the material’s innate ability to effect the realization of my personal vision.”

Kendall Baker, who directs the Visceglia Gallery and teaches sculpture, 3d-design and photography, uses outdoor installations, ceramics and photography of natural forms to explore ‘mark-making’ as systems of measurement.  “Deeply imbedded markings are identifying signs that invite us to draw closer to natural elements because we recognize them as an extension of ourselves.”

* Reception snow date is Wednesday, March 1, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public

Gallery hours: Daily 9-5 PM

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