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Spring 2019 Senior Exhibitions

During the spring semester, the galleries at Caldwell University are dedicated to final exhibitions of work by graduating seniors.   Students graduate with either a BA in Art, a BFA in Graphic Design or a BFA in Fine Art. Thesis exhibitions represent a self-guided, coherent body of work that is culmination of four years of study in the Department of Visual Art and Design at Caldwell University.

Mueller Gallery

March 18 – 22
Holly Reitter: Alive Again

March 25 – 29
Allison Johansen
Lucas Andrada

April 1 – April 5
Boned Figuero
Angel Rivera

April 8 – April 12
Jesus Castellanos
Michelle Bradbury
Meghan Koplish
Lauren Springstead

April 15 – April 19
Madison Miller
Jaime Nemeth

April 22 – 16
Amanda Scharf
Sarah Soto
Brigitte Rodriguez
Riana Ramirez

April 29 – May 3
Phoebe Schepacarter

Visceglia Gallery

April 8 – April 12
Marisa Lutz

April 15 – April 19
Angela Irvolino