Founder’s Day 2016 Mini-Courses

Mini-Course Descriptions

Catholic Sisters and the Shaping of America
Presenter: Dr. Marie Mullaney
This illustrated presentation is an historic overview of the contributions made by Catholic religious sisters to American life from the colonial period to the present. Women from a variety of religious communities played key roles in developing America’s educational, medical, and social welfare institutions, selflessly ministering to immigrant, African American, and native American populations. Participants should come out of the presentation with a deeper appreciation of this unheralded aspect of women’s history.

DNA: The Springy Blueprint of Life
Presenters: Dr. Agnes Berki, Dr. Angelina Scimone, Ms. Tulaja Shrestha, Ms. Debbie Salazar
DNA is the most often mentioned molecule both in scholarly articles and in everyday life. The discovery of its intriguing structure won the Nobel Prize in 1962. Would you consider getting to know that ground breaking and unique structure better by building a DNA model that you can eat later, observing first hand its spring like properties, its knotting features and relating them to health and sickness. It will be educational, delectable, and fun for students, staff, faculty, guests, scholars, and layman alike. Please, join us for an interactive and playful re-visitation of the DNA structure.

Preserving and Sharing University History and Student Service Activities Online
Presenter: Ms. Rebecca Driscoll
Caldwell University is part of the Council of Independent College’s Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research. We are collecting and archiving materials that reflect student participation in mission-related service activities. This mini-course will focus on the digitization of photographs and the use of Artstor’s Shared Shelf to preserve and share them. Participants will have an opportunity for hands on participation.

Growth Mindset 2.0
Presenter: Ms. Monica Heinze
“Growth Mindset 2.0” – will present clear, practical ideas and illustrations about how you, as leaders, can develop the skills to encourage a growth mindset in your students and teachers. The presentation will discuss the difference between true and false growth mindsets and how to utilize them effectively. Attendees will walk away with a clearer sense of what constitutes a true Growth Mindset as well as resources and tools they can utilize immediately.

Winter Break Mission Trips: Belize and Honduras
Presenters: CU Student Participants
Caldwell University continues to embrace an 800 year Dominican heritage which seeks to bring about the message of truth and passion for God through the four pillars of prayer, study, community and service. During this session, students who attended the winter break Belize mission trip and the Global Medical/Dental Brigades will discuss their journey and where they saw God throughout the week of service.
Walking Tour of the Sisters of Saint Dominic Motherhouse
Tour Guide: Sr. Elaine Keenan, OP
Visit the Motherhouse and learn its history from Sister Elaine Keenan, OP, the archivist of the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell. You’ll have the opportunity to see artifacts inside this beautiful building as well as gain an understanding of its current purposes.

3D Printing as a Community Service
Presenters: Ms. Ellen Johnston and Ms. Heather Cook
3D printing has applications across the disciplines including many in the medical field. Nursing students in the Community and Public Health Nursing course are working with Jennings librarians to create 3D printed pill boxes for their patients. Librarians will explain and demonstrate the process of 3D printing as well as discuss their collaboration with the Nursing Department. Participants will have an opportunity for hands-on interaction with 3D technology.

Caldwell University Grant-funded Programs
Presenter: Ms. Pat Levins
This session will focus on how Caldwell University utilizes grant funding to support programs directly related to the mission of the University and the Four Pillars of Dominican Life.