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Part Time Student Employment Opportunities

All on and off campus employment opportunities are posted on the College Central Network (C-JOBS). This website is maintained by Caldwell University’s Career Planning and Development Office. There are three types of part-time employment opportunities.

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS)
    • FWS is a program of federal dollars awarded to eligible students by financial aid  who file a FAFSA; the specific positions are posted by different department supervisors on the College Central Network (C-Jobs) and students are paid on a biweekly basis. .
  • Direct hire (DH)
    • DH is an employment opportunity for those that do not qualify for the federal work-study program.  These positions are also posted on the College Central Network (C-Jobs) and students are paid on a biweekly basis.
  • Local Off Campus Positions
    • Local positions are an employment opportunity for those that cannot secure an FWS or DH position.  These positions are posted on the College Central Network (C-Jobs). These positions are not administered by the college.  Hours, payroll and requirements are managed by the specific business and some positions may require a mode of transportation to get to.
  • All part-time employment opportunities are available for your viewing posted on C-JOBS which can be accessed on the following link: Click here to access the site.
  • Students can log on using their 6-digit Caldwell ID number as the Access ID and caldwell (all lowercase) as the initial password.
  • If you receive an error message after attempting to log in, you must go back and register on the site. For assistance please contact Christine Szeluga, Assistant Director, Career Planning and Development at 973-618-3306 or cszeluga@caldwell.edu
  • After you sign in please update your registration and change your password.
  • Once you see a position on the site follow the application instructions to apply.
  • Federal Work-Study(FWS) positions are only for those students who have an FWS award for the current academic year.
    • All positions will require that you bring a copy of your schedule so the supervisor knows when you can and cannot work.
    • For University administered positions
      • Once an interview is conducted and the supervisor chooses to hire you, the supervisor will notify the financial aid office that you have been hired.
      • You will go to the financial aid office to get a checklist with your student employment packet and instructions to start employment.
      • New student workers go to human resources to complete the rest of your hiring paperwork.

The following links are provided for those that work for a University administered positions:

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have not worked on campus before you will need to fill out a Student Employee Information Packet. Please bring with you the required documentation for the Form I-9. Acceptable forms of documentation can be found by clicking here.
  • You may not begin working until your paperwork has been completed and you have received a pink STUDENT EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM to return to your supervisor.

For C-Job postings and issue please contact Christine Szeluga in career services at 973-618-3306 or careers@caldwell.edu For off campus employment opportunities questions please contact Geraldine Perret in Career Services at 973-618-3536 or gperret@caldwell.edu For student employment forms questions please contact Michelle Stauss in Human Resources at 973-618-3555 or mstauss@caldwell.edu For payroll questions please contact Sonia Workman in Payroll at 973-618-3231 or sworkman@caldwell.edu For financial aid issues relating to federal work-study please contact Linda Cuozzo in Financial Aid at 973-618-3228 or financialaid@caldwell.edu