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Caldwell, N.J., February 24, 2016 -Faculty members Virginia Rich and Ellina Chernobilsky had the opportunity to share their successes in using new technology in the classroom at a national higher education conference.

In February they presented “Google Apps for Education: Where to Begin the Journey?” at the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy run by the Virginia Tech’s Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Many K-12 schools subscribe to Google services, however not many higher education faculty have had the opportunity to learn how to use these tools creatively, explained Rich, a professor in the Business Division. “It is important that we as faculty adapt to the way students learn and use new technologies. Students need to learn to function collaboratively in virtual and synchronous environments in their future workplaces. These tools help them do just that. Plus, it’s fun. ”

Chernobilsky and Rich presented their ideas at a practice session so attendees had an opportunity to explore three Google tools that are part of a suite of apps known as GAFE — Google Apps for Educators — Google Docs, Forms, and Slides. “Participants in the session learned how we use these tools and then brainstormed how to use them to advance higher education pedagogy in their own classrooms,” said Dr. Chernobilsky, associate professor of education and director of the Office of Graduate Studies. “We wanted to share the innovative strategies that Caldwell faculty use when teaching students and teach others how to be successful in using those strategies.”

Most professors know that becoming a better educator is a never-ending process. “This type of collaboration is not only instructive but motivational,” said Dr. Rich. “We learn from others in the field and, as a result, become better practitioners.”

The presentation was so well received that the Caldwell educators were invited to collaborate with other teacher-scholars and asked to attend numerous conferences to give their talk again.