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Joseph Giacchi Assistant Director of Athletics Athletics
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Laura Gregoire Manager, Technology Support Services Information Technology
Phone: 973-618-3325 Fax: 973-618-3364
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Nadia Grenyukh Assistant Director Financial Aid
Phone: 973-618-3692 Fax: 973-618-3650
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Sandra Grieco Administrative Assistant Library
Phone: 973-618-3901 Fax: 973-618-3360
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Natale Guagliardi Assistant Director of Athletics/Head Coach Women’s Soccer Athletics
Phone: 973-618-3681
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Marissa R Haynes Assistant Director Student Engagement
Home Phone: 973-618-3302
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Margaret Hecker PT Circulation Desk Assistant Library
Home Phone: 973-618-3337
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Donna Iacullo Administrative Assistant Bursar
Phone: 973-618-3545 Fax: 973-618-3485
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Johanna Idelberger Senior Staff Accountant Finance
Phone: 973-618-3563
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Jan Marco Jiras Director of Admissions Undergraduate Admissions
Phone: 973-618-3620 Home Phone: 973-287-4527 Fax: 973-618-3600
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Dean Johnson Associate Director/Head Coach, Softball Athletics
Phone: 973-618-3321 Fax: 973-618-3370
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Elizabeth Johnson Circulation Desk Assistant – Part Time Library
Phone: 973-618-3336 Fax: 973-618-3360
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Ellen Johnston Cataloging and Reference Librarian Library
Phone: 973-618-3502 Fax: 973-618-3360
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John Jurich Freelance Writer Media Relations
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Julie Kajouras Administrative Assistant SLI/Graduate Studies
Phone: 973-618-3922
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Jim Kelly Head Sprint Football Coach/Athletics Administrator Athletics
Phone: 973-618-3436
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Timothy Kessler-Cleary Assistant Dean, Student Engagement and Retention Student Engagement
Phone: 973-618-3484 Fax: 973-618-3414
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Sharon Kievit Assistant to the President/Events Manager President’s Office
Phone: 973-618-3547 Fax: 973-618-3300
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Roxanne Knott Senior Academic Advisor Academic Services
Phone: 973-618-3532 Fax: 973-618-3690
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Soheila Kobler Director, Online Education Academic Affairs
Phone: 973-618-3724
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