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The Sophomore Challenge

Calling All Sophomores!
You are officially invited to take…

The Sophomore Challenge!

Your mission….

To Create a Personal Reflection on Your “Caldwell Experience”

Submission: March 21, 2018
Exhibition: April 4, 2018

Sophomore year is more than just the second year of classes. It is the time when you make decisions which will lead to blooming careers, make lifelong friends, and maybe explore a hidden talent. It can be an  amazing and carefree  time, without the  stress juniors and seniors encounter, and you are no longer a  confused  freshmen. It’s your time to SHINE.

And to give you an opportunity to SHINE, we have created the first-ever ‘Sophomore Challenge’ where you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and compete for a chance to be the first ever person to win this competition.

Rules of Competition

  1. Using your favorite creative medium, express your Caldwell experience so far. Examples are:
    • Poems
    • Essays (500-750 words)
    • Videos (Dance, Music, Songs) – 3 minutes long (maximum)
    • Artwork (drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, etc.)
  1. The project should be submitted for review by March 21, 2018 by clicking here.
  2. If you have any questions regarding the program, you can connect with one of the following people and get valuable suggestions: 

Angelo Lambroschino, Senior Admissions Counselor, alambroschino@caldwell.edu

Maureen McNish, Retention Specialist, mmcnish@caldwell.edu   

Binay Oli, Intern, Career Planning and Development  boli@caldwell.edu

Christine Szeluga, Assistant Director, Career Planning and Development, cszeluga@caldwell.edu


Prizes will be awarded in two categories: “Sisters’ Choice” and “Fan Favorite”. First, second and third place winners in each category will win the following:

First Prize: Chromebook

Second Prize: Priority registration + $50 Gift Card (Barnes & Noble)

Third Prize: $75 Gift Card (Barnes & Noble)

Let’s keep the creative juices flowing!

The Sophomore Challenge showcases a defining moment in a Caldwell student’s career. It’s a great time for positive change: students may reconsider and recommit to their own education and development. This event will help students discover their own voice and let it shine for all to see. Through this new campus tradition, students will connect to Caldwell’s mission and core values through their chosen project.