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Substance Awareness Counseling

Counseling Services offers free counseling and educational services to individuals experiencing problems with alcohol or other drug use, or to anyone who is concerned about a friend or family member’s use.  Programs assist students in making safe and informed choices concerning alcohol and other drug use. 


The following resources, phone numbers and websites contain information and education on important alcohol and drug – related issues. Please browse through these sites to obtain information and insight.  While these resources are a helpful aid for those individuals who may be struggling with substance use problems, they are not a substitute for professional treatment.





Worldwide organization of individuals who do not have to be the children of alcoholics, but who grew up in homes described as “dysfunctional” and continue to feel shame, abuse and or neglect.

Al – anon is a national nonprofit organization for family and friends of alcoholics who seek understanding and support.  Site has links to meetings, literature and education.

Worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to help individuals find sobriety. Site has links to meetings, education and literature in English, Spanish and French.

This site contains information on how to cut down on your drinking along with education on BAC, how alcohol affects the body, hangovers, alcohol poisoning, and common myths about drinking and alcohol.

This is an educational and informational site about responsible drinking started by the family and friends of a young man who died of alcohol poisoning while celebrating his 21st birthday.

This site contains information geared specifically toward college students.  There is good information about alcohol myths and alcohol poisoning.  Interesting links to calculate your BAC,* calories in alcohol and cost of alcohol.  “An interactive body” details how alcohol affects different body systems.

On-line BAC calculator / estimator. *

Worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to helping drug users / addicts find recovery through meetings, education, literature and events.

This site contains a self-screening quiz, along with information on addiction to alcohol and drugs, and recovery.  The site is designed for those worried about their own use in addition to family and friends.

Site contains information about commonly abused drugs and links to mental health, college students, and medical information.

This is NOT an emergency hotline, but a 24 hour information and referral hotline for substance abuse treatment and referral.  Call this number if you have no insurance, if you have Medicaid, or if you have NJ State Insurance and they will help you find a facility or a provider who can help you.

Interactive site allowing users to self – test for drinking problems, measure their drinking against standard “drinking glass” measurements.  Site also helps users figure out how to make behavioral changes, recognize triggers to drinking and get help.


*DISCLAIMER: Any results generated from a site containing a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) calculator is a rough estimate of an average healthy person’s BAC assuming typical beverages sized, recipes and alcohol content.  The BAC estimates generated should not be used to infer an individual’s fitness to work, drive or perform any other task or duty.