Coping During COVID

Local Resource

NJ Hope and Healing, a program sponsored by the Mental Health Association of New Jersey, offers free emotional support via phone or text 7 days a week (multilingual services available). Virtual groups and other helpful resources are offered as well.


Mind Matters aims to address several pressing needs, such as creating a sense of community, highlighting student perspectives for school administrators and teachers and educating people about how significantly mental health can be impacted while isolated and in quarantine. Mind Matters provides a comprehensive overview of mental health concerns in the midst of COVID-19. Throughout its discussion of important healthcare information, the guidebook supplements critical research with over 150 student interview responses to better engage readers with the material provided. Not only does Mind Matters focus heavily on student perspectives, but it also contains research and resources specific to high school students, college students, the BIPOC community, and even teachers, with a specialized section on facilitating teacher-student conversations to encourage sustainable interactions.


COVID Coach app


The world as we know it has changed and we are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. COVID Coach is designed to help you build resilience, manage stress, and increase your well-being during this crisis. The app is free, secure, and helps connect you to important resources for coping and adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customized tools are available to help you cope with stress, stay well, stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected, and navigate parenting, care-giving, and working from home while social distancing, quarantined, or sheltered in place. You can track your mood, visualize your progress, and find resources to seek additional help and support. No account or password is required and user data is not collected. COVID Coach was made by the mobile mental health team of the National Center for PTSD, Dissemination & Training Division.

It’s hard being apart. Get tips and tools to stay connected on Nod.
Nod has been updated to help students grow and maintain strong social lives through the COVID-19 crisis. Just because we can’t be together physically doesn’t mean we can’t be socially connected. #flattenthecurve

There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is certain — Headspace is here for you. To help support you through this time of crisis, we’re offering some meditations you can listen to anytime.

4)Coronavirus Stress Relievers:11 apps to get you through the Pandemic


Talk on the phone with someone else stuck at home. Works on the iOS and Android app Dialup. We simulate the magic of having a surprise conversation with someone–something that is becoming increasingly rare during the times of a viral epidemic.

Serendipitous Conversations – Get calls at random times and get paired with another person in a one-on-one. Talk about anything: what you’re cooking for dinner, your dreams, or the global economy.

It’s totally free, worldwide – QuarentineChat Calls happen over the internet through the app Dialup instead of the phone system, so they’re entirely toll-free. That’s how we keep our costs low.

Virtual Groups

Virtual Groups for Emotional Support
A variety of virtual groups are available to provide emotional support during this period of COVID.   Group topics are geared for individuals from different backgrounds (i.e health care workers, caregivers, teachers, parents, adults, teenagers, Baby Boomers, Spanish speakers, etc.)

JULY VIRTUAL GROUPS: Click here for a “clickable” downloadable pdf of the Virtual Groups Schedule.

Links to other helpful College Counseling websites