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Meghan Moran, assistant director of student engagement, and Tibi Mathew ’14 are guests on Life and Living with Joanna Gagis. They talk about the many ways Caldwell University students can engage in community service and ministry throughout their entire college career. Moran said freshmen service days, an aspect of the new student orientation experience, help the students get acclimated to volunteerism and provide a nice ice breaker in getting to know other students. Mathew, a recent graduate of Caldwell, shared her experiences rebuilding during the alternative spring break Workfest in Appalachia; taking part in Midnight Runs to New York City to reach out to the homeless; and travelling with Moran, university President Nancy Blattner and other students to serve the poor in Belize. Mathew talked about how her volunteer experiences have inspired her to pursue graduate studies in public health administration to help others. Moran described how a commitment to community service and ministry is part of the fabric of Caldwell, a Catholic Dominican university.