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Academic Regalia

All candidates for graduation who plan to participate in the Commencement Ceremony are expected to wear official Caldwell University academic regalia. As the level of degree earned changes, there is symbolism that is reflected in the regalia. The bachelor’s gown reflects the Caldwell University seal and crest embroidered on the tabs in the front of the gown. The master’s gown has the University seal embroidered on the front tabs and it also has elongated sleeves attributed to the heritage of academic scholars who historically carried their books in their sleeves. The doctoral gown is red with bands of black velvet on the sleeves. The academic hood is different for each level of degree earned as well as discipline of the degree.  All Master’s and Doctoral candidates will be hooded on stage during the Graduate Commencement ceremony.

Regalia orders must be placed in advance. After March 17, 2019, all orders must be placed in the campus bookstore. In most cases, academic regalia will be picked up at Salute to Grads on April 16, 2019. Late orders may not be available for pick up at Salute to Grads. Please note that doctoral candidates may purchase the keepsake gown or a custom gown for Commencement. More information is available through the online order website or your academic discipline.