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Caldwell, N.J., Dec. 4, 2018 – CIS senior Jonathan Herrera received a “Best Paper” award for his paper “Concerns and Security for Hashing Passwords,” which he presented at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ 2018 Ubiquitous Computing Electronics & Mobile Communications Conference at Columbia University in New York. The annual conference, which was held this year from Nov. 8 to 10, brings together researchers, educators and students to focus on ongoing research in information technology, electronics and mobile communication. The paper, which Herrera co-authored with former CIS professor Dr. Md Ali, was recognized by the conference as Best Paper in the track. It has also been accepted for publishing in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The paper, which is “very practical, even though it is technical,” said Herrera, presents research showing the need for increasing security for password storage. He also proposes a system for adding security to passwords in connection with their hashes. It focuses, not on the user login screen, but on how passwords are stored on a server and other devices that store passwords. It aims at making password storage stronger by proposing a “new element of security as a part of the big puzzle,” he said.

Herrera enjoyed the conference, especially having the opportunity to share ideas with professionals and students who have similar interests. He is grateful to Ali who had encouraged him and the other students to “write a paper that can be published” and most especially he is grateful to God who he says should get all the glory for the project.

Dr. Virginia Rich, of the School of Business and CIS, said the work is a wonderful achievement and a fitting recognition of the significant research conducted in collaboration between a dedicated faculty member and a hardworking undergraduate. “We are pleased that their efforts are recognized by such a well-respected institution in the field and believe that the research makes an important contribution to the field of knowledge.”

Underwriting provided by the Ann and John Larue Research Fund allowed Herrera the opportunity to present his research at the conference.