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Kathryn Marano: Women Business Faculty Members Inspired Her to Lead

It was the women faculty members in Caldwell University’s School of Business Kathryn Marano delivering Commencement Speechand Computer Science who especially inspired Kathryn Marano during her college years. “There are so many influential women, lawyers, women with other advanced degrees that have guided me. From the minute I walked through the door, it was one of the reasons I knew Caldwell was right for me.” The female faculty members were role models who pushed her “in a good way,” and that helped her become a leader. Marano was chosen to give the undergraduate commencement speech at Caldwell University’s graduation May 19. The Nutley, New Jersey, resident has also led by finishing college in three years and by taking on roles such as vice president of the Women’s Leadership Initiative on campus.

The importance of women supporting each other and being at the helm is something she heard quite a bit about growing up. Marano attended high school at St. Dominic Academy in Jersey City where the slogan was “Empowering women for leadership since 1878,” and an aunt, Caldwell Dominican Sister Maureen James, was a positive influence on her life. Marano entered Caldwell with AP classes, and this summer she will receive her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with minors in small business entrepreneurship and marketing. She has been in the dog grooming business since she was 12 years old and has worked through college. She hopes to become an entrepreneur and to run her own dog grooming business.

As a commuter, Marano did not think she would have much of a college experience, but she was pleasantly surprised to find out she was wrong.  She made friends and became involved—so much so “that I sold Caldwell to my younger sister who is now a student here,” she said.  Marano hopes to return to campus someday to tell other young women about her journey and the importance of finding their own voices and leading. “I love women supporting women.”