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We are Caldwell University


Flyer of Calwell University: Defining Moment

July 1 Marks Milestone for Caldwell

Caldwell College is now Caldwell University. The university officially rolled out its new name and logo on July 1.

After 75 years operating as Caldwell College, the institution is now Caldwell University.

“It is a new day and thrilling for all of us, especially for everyone who worked on the rigorous process to get us to this point,”said President Nancy Blattner, Ph.D. Blattner received official notification from the New Jersey secretary of higher education on Dec. 9 that the college’s petition to change its official name to Caldwell University had been approved. The institution chose to wait to officially roll out its new status at the start of the 2014-15 fiscal year to have time to prepare the marketing and signage materials.

The new branding campaign, which focuses on “a defining moment,”is featured in radio, newspaper and online advertising, said Joseph Posillico, vice president of enrollment management and communications, who led the creation of the university logo and marketing materials.

“This is certainly a defining moment in many ways for Caldwell,”said Blattner. “We are celebrating our 75th anniversary; we have added two  new doctoral programs in educational leadership, and our strong master’s programs are graduating students who are doing outstanding work in their fields. In the fall we will be greeting our largest freshman class in our history and we will have the most students we have ever had living on campus.”

There are a number of  benefits to the name change, said Blattner, including that for “students who want to go on to graduate school or who graduate from one of our master’s or doctoral programs, there is  prestige in graduating from a university.”

Most important, she said, “is that the university is still committed to its Catholic identity and Dominican heritage and its core values of respect, integrity, community and excellence.”

Caldwell recently announced the addition of  the new doctoral programs, an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. The program, which was approved by the New Jersey Office of Higher Education, is designed to meet the needs of school leaders, teachers or those in organizational leadership. The initial cohort will begin in the fall of 2014. The doctoral students will choose from one of the three concentrations for an Ed.D. or a Ph.D.: K-12 Leadership, Special Education Leadership or Higher Education Leadership.

Celebrations for university status and the 75th anniversary will be held on Homecoming Weekend  Friday and Saturday, Sept. 19 and 20, and throughout the academic year.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Transition

Caldwell has received approval from the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education to change its name to Caldwell University. The transition will occur throughout the spring semester and conclude with the launching of our new name on July 1, 2014.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for ordering stationery, business cards and other business materials?

The process for ordering items like stationery and business cards will remain the same. Departments will be contacted in late April or early May by Graphic Imagery for requests for new items.  New stationery and business cards will be available by July 1, 2014.

 When will new signage, logo displays, parking permits, identification cards, etc. be replaced?

These items will be changed to Caldwell University after the spring semester concludes and throughout the summer.

 When will the Caldwell University website launch?

The new website will launch on July 1, 2014.

If I’m graduating in Spring 2014 what diploma will I receive?

You will receive a Caldwell University diploma.

 If I graduated in December 2013 can I receive a Caldwell University diploma?

Yes, you can receive a Caldwell University diploma if you graduated in December 2013. There is no cost to you. For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office at 973-618-3000 or

If I am an alumna/alumnus of Caldwell College can I obtain a Caldwell University diploma?  

All alumni will be offered the opportunity to order a Caldwell University diploma after July 1, 2014. A fee will be required to cover the cost of printing and shipping the diploma. For more information contact the Registrar’s Office at 973-618-3000 or

 When will the college celebrate receiving university status?

The university will host a campus-wide celebration on Founder’s Day, March 26, 2014. A public celebration will take place at the start of our 75th anniversary celebration on September 19, 2014.  More information about both of these events will be provided throughout the spring semester.

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Caldwell College Becoming Caldwell University

Caldwell University Logo

Caldwell, N.J., December 11, 2013 – Caldwell College is becoming Caldwell University. Caldwell President Nancy Blattner, Ph.D. received official notification from the Secretary of Higher Education in the State of New Jersey on Dec. 9 that the college’s petition to change its official name to Caldwell University had been approved. The public announcement from the Office of Higher Education is expected to occur in January.

“As the culmination of almost a two-year process, changing our designation and name from Caldwell College to Caldwell University is the fulfillment of a vision that many on the campus have shared for the past few years. Our new name signals the academic excellence for which Caldwell has become recognized. This new designation will be officially celebrated in 2014 during the institution’s 75th anniversary,” said Dr. Blattner.

Marilyn Bastardi, president of the college’s board of trustees, was thrilled with the announcement. “This is a proud moment for all of us who know and love Caldwell. This designation supports the tremendous growth we have seen over the last several years under Dr. Blattner’s leadership.”

Becoming a university was part of President Blattner’s vision from the moment she arrived at Caldwell in 2009.

The university designation will better reflect what Caldwell has become with its doctoral program in applied behavior analysis, its strong master’s programs in multiple disciplines and its growth and diversity. Vice President for Enrollment and Communications Joseph Posillico said that “there are many benefits to becoming a university including increased opportunities for fundraising, greater ability to recruit and retain faculty and more leverage in recruiting students. The designation of ‘university’ will more accurately describe the breadth and depth of Caldwell to the public and in particular to international students.”

The news gave students a high note on which to end their fall semester.

“The shift to university status will give Caldwell College the recognition it deserves,” said David Reeth, a senior and president of the Student Government Association.

“It’s really exciting that Caldwell is becoming a university and that I get to be a part of it,” said freshman Sean Puzzo.

Caldwell will continue to operate as a college until the end of the academic year, June 30, 2014 and will operate as a university effective July 1, 2014. At that time a new Caldwell University brand will be unveiled.



University Status

Caldwell College Submits Completed Petition for University Status

Caldwell Unversity Rosary Hall Side View

On March 14, Caldwell College submitted its completed petition for university status to the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education in New Jersey.  Dr. Blattner would like to thank all the members of the task force who worked so diligently to draft various sections of the proposal. The next step in the process is the selection of two consultants. We anticipate welcoming these visitors to the campus sometime early in the fall semester.  At this point in the process, the college is aligned with the timeline for completing this process prior to the start of the institution’s 75th celebration during the 2014-2015 academic year.

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Caldwell College Currently Pursuing University Status

Caldwell Univeristy Rosary Hall Ariel Shot

Caldwell, NJ, January 28, 2013 – Caldwell College President Nancy Blattner, Ph.D., OPA, has announced that the college’s Board of Trustees has unanimously passed a resolution charging the college to move forward with the necessary steps towards achievement of university status.

“This is certainly a defining moment in the history of Caldwell College and in its future,” Blattner said. “The campus community is excited about the possibility of claiming the designation of university, a name that many of us believe already describes Caldwell College with the offering of our first doctoral program in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2009, our strong master’s degrees in multiple disciplinary areas, and our diversity and growth.”

A task force has been charged and is working to compile the proposal that will be submitted ultimately for approval to the Office of the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education. The process is expected to take at least two years to complete. The college is hopeful that the announcement for the change in status from college to university will occur during Caldwell’s 75th anniversary year of 2014-2015.

The college has seen significant growth over the last few years with the opening of the state-of-the-art Center for Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis and the receiving of several national accreditations for its counseling, business, education and nursing programs.

Becoming a university has been part of the vision of President Blattner since her arrival at Caldwell in July 2009. In her remarks to the college’s Strategic Planning Committee in spring 2010, Dr. Blattner first announced this vision, and subsequently, university status became part of Caldwell College’s five-year strategic plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Caldwell University has embarked on the exciting task of moving to university status. Below are frequently asked questions that offer valuable insight and information about the process.

Why become Caldwell University?

Becoming a university has been part of the vision of President Nancy H. Blattner since her arrival at Caldwell in July 2009. In her remarks to the Strategic Planning Committee in spring 2010, Dr. Blattner first announced this vision, and subsequently, university status became part of Caldwell University’s five-year strategic plan, “Empowering the Legacy: 2010-2015.” Without changing the character of Caldwell, the move to university status better reflects what the institution has become with the offering of its first doctoral program in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2009, with its strong master’s degrees in multiple disciplinary areas, and in its diversity and growth.

What is university status?

Traditionally, a college offers undergraduate degrees leading to the baccalaureate. A university, on the other hand, also offers graduate degrees at the master’s level and/or doctoral level. Our current Carnegie classification is Master’s Colleges or Universities – medium, which includes schools that award at least 50 master‘s degrees and fewer than 20 doctoral degrees. Our US News category is regional Universities in the North, defined as offering a full range of undergraduate programs and some master’s programs but few doctoral degrees.

How does a college become a university?

After conversing with campus constituencies, including faculty, staff, students, and alums, the president made a presentation on the efficacy of the change to the Board of Trustees in late summer 2012. After the board has committed to the change, the institution, working with the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, prepares a thorough self-study of the institution, focusing on the delivery of graduate programs. Once this document is completed, two external consultants review the proposal and visit the campus, making a recommendation to the state commission. Final steps include approval by the New Jersey Presidents’ Council and the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.

When will the transition take place?

Ideally, the transition will take place in time for university status to be announced during Caldwell University’s 75th anniversary celebration scheduled for the 2014-2015 academic year. The college has currently begun the lengthy process in conjunction with the assistance of the staff at the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.

How will the change affect our various departments and divisions?

Academic departments are currently in the process of undergoing academic re-organization which will group departments into schools or divisions in anticipation of Caldwell University becoming a university. Once university status is achieved, the schools or divisions may be re-named as colleges within the university. This process is ongoing and is the subject of much conversation, led by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, among the academic unit.

What are the benefits of becoming a university?

First, the ‘university’ name signals what Caldwell has become and would better explain the institution to the public, particularly to international students. Because of the added prestige to the title of university, a number of benefits would accrue including assistance in recruiting students, increased opportunities for donations/funding, and greater ease in recruiting and retaining faculty.

What are the benefits specifically for undergraduates? Graduates? Doctoral students?

For students planning to achieve their master’s or doctoral degrees at an institution other than Caldwell, graduating from a university may prove helpful on the application to graduate school. For doctoral students, it is characteristic that they would be receiving their degrees from a university since granting doctorates is a hallmark of a university, not a college. For all students, there is an added measure of prestige in graduating from a university.

How will the change affect Caldwell’s national and international reputation?

Nationally, the designation of university provides the best of a small private liberal arts education with pre-professional programs and preparation for advanced study and careers in the professions. Internationally, the term ‘college’ is often associated with secondary, community college or prep school types of institutions. This change in name would signal the breadth and level of degree offerings at Caldwell to our international students and assist the institution as we continue our efforts to recruit abroad.

Will a change in our status impact our admission standards?

Admission standards will not change as a direct result of our designation as a university. However, our ultimate enrollment numbers are limited due to capacity constraints, so it is possible that standards could change in future years as more students are attracted to Caldwell.

Will a change in our status affect our small class size? Personal attention to students? Core values? Overall size of the
institution? Our athletic status as a DII school?

Caldwell University has always placed emphasis on the Dominican pillar and core value of ‘community.’ That emphasis will remain so that all students still receive personal attention from caring faculty and staff. The remaining core values of respect, integrity and excellence will remain central to our mission as will the additional Dominican pillars of prayer, study and mission. While the overall size of Caldwell University may grow in the coming years, managed growth in select undergraduate and graduate areas is already part of the 2010-2015 strategic plan for the institution. There are no plans to change the institution’s athletic status.

Will there be any significant change to the operation and structure of Caldwell University?

The day-to-day operations of Caldwell will remain virtually unchanged during the transitional process to university status and thereafter. As indicated above, reorganization of the academic unit at Caldwell is already underway. This process will be completed by the time the college is ready to be designated as a university.

Will there be any policy changes as a result of our status change?

The change to university status will reflect the institution that Caldwell has already become. As a result, there are no expected policy changes in the areas of academic or student life as a direct result of the designation change.

Will tuition and other costs increase as a result of the change?

Caldwell will remain an institution that is largely dependent upon tuition and fees; however, the change to university status will not cause an increase in tuition and fees across the board.

If I graduated from Caldwell University prior to the date of the status change, am I a graduate of Caldwell University or Caldwell
University? What should I put on my resume?

It is customary to use the name of the institution at the time of your graduation. However, if you graduated from Caldwell University, after the institution has changed its name, you may indicate the name change on your resume by including ‘now known as Caldwell University’ in parentheses after the name Caldwell University.

Will my transcript change if I graduated from Caldwell University?

For students who graduate after Caldwell has completed the process to move to university status, transcripts issued will use the designation Caldwell University. If you graduated prior to the change, a notation on newly authorized transcripts will note that the university was formerly known as Caldwell College.

Will I be able to obtain a Caldwell University diploma if I graduated from Caldwell University?

Students who graduated from Caldwell University may request a Caldwell University diploma from the Registrar’s Office for the cost of a replacement diploma plus shipping and handling.


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November 2011

President Blattner visits with Secretary of Higher Education, Rochelle Hendricks, as well as Drs. Glenn Lang and Iris Duffield in Trenton to first discuss Caldwell University’s interest and intent  to transition to university status in fall 2014.


Spring 2012

President Blattner holds multiple informational sessions with students, faculty, staff and alumni of Caldwell University to propose the change to university status. A dedicated email address is created to receive comments, suggestions or concerns.


May 2012

President Blattner contacts Iris Duffield (Dr. Lang being out of the office at the time of the call) to review approach with board, formation of task force, timeline, etc.


July 2012

President Blattner charges the University Status Task Force, which meets for the first time to review requirements of proposal, timeline and assignments.


August 2012

President Blattner makes presentation to the Caldwell University Board of Trustees on university status for the college at its summer retreat.


August 2012

President Blattner contacts Dr. Lang to discuss requirements for the college’s petition and to give an update on the work that has begun.


September 2012

Caldwell University Board of Trustees passes resolution charging the college to pursue university status for the institution.


September 2012

President Blattner is in contact with Dr. Glenn Lang at the Office of the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education to report on developments and seek assistance/guidance as the process  begins in earnest. A copy of the board resolution is mailed to and received at the Office of the New  Jersey Secretary of Higher Education. A copy of this timeline is also sent to Dr. Lang for comment.


September 2012

University Status Task Force reconvenes to mobilize members to craft proposal, following the Institutional Guidelines: Preparing a University Status Petition.

Preliminary budget is developed for transition from college to university status.

Graphic imagery and logos are discussed for Caldwell University in conjunction with institution’s 75th anniversary celebration beginning September 2014.


October 2012

Web pages are launched that provide an overview to the university status process, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, a timeline, and an update box to keep readers current on the status  of the college’s petition for university status.


Oct.-Dec. 2012

University Status Task Force members work individually and as a group to draft the proposal, sharing drafts and collecting data as required.


March 2013

Caldwell University’s University Status Petition is submitted to the New Jersey Office of Higher Education.


Late Spring/
Early Summer ’13

Commission staff and college work to identify consultants and agree upon those chosen for the site visit to Caldwell University.


Summer 2013

Commission staff extends invitation to the selected consultants.

College forwards petition and appendices to consultants.

College and Commission staff agree on dates/agenda for consultants’ visit.

College makes arrangements for consultants’ visit.


Sept./Oct. 2013

Consultants and Commission staff visit Caldwell University campus.


Nov./Dec. 2013

Consultants file report/recommendation regarding the petition with the Commission.

Commission forwards consultants’ report regarding the petition to the college.


Spring 2014

Caldwell University Board of Trustees takes appropriate action on university status and name change.


Spring 2014

Caldwell University forwards copy of its response to the consultants’ report to Commission along with Board resolution.


Spring 2014

Commission forwards materials on the petition and review to the Presidents’ Council.


June 2014

Presidents’ Council reviews the petition and related documentation and forwards recommendation to the Commission.


July 2014

The Commission discusses and acts on the petition.


September 2014

Hopefully, Caldwell University announces its new status as Caldwell University at its kickoff of the institution’s 75th anniversary celebration.


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Caldwell University Officially Pursues University Status

Greetings!Dr. Nancy Blattner

It is my pleasure to write and inform you that the Caldwell University Board of Trustees at its September 19, 2012 meeting passed a resolution charging the college to proceed with the necessary steps toward achievement of university status. This is certainly a defining moment in the history of Caldwell University and in its future! With that resolution, the process can now begin for the college to prepare a proposal that will be submitted ultimately for approval to the Office of the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education.

The process, which involves a review by external consultants, will likely take at least two years to complete. I’m inviting you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about what led up to this decision, the benefits of achieving university status for Caldwell University, and the Timeline that will take the college to this new designation. Please check in regularly to read updates throughout the process.

The campus community is excited about the possibility of claiming the designation of university, a name that many of us believe already describes Caldwell University with our wide array of baccalaureate degrees, our accredited master’s programs and our doctoral program in applied behavior analysis. We hope the reviewers will agree with our assessment, and we look forward to announcing this change in status during the college’s 75th anniversary year in 2014-2015.

Nancy H. Blattner, Ph.D., OPA