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Academic Internship Program

Announcing the Many Paths, One Future Internship Grant sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development! Click here for more information. Please contact us in Career Planning if you are interested in participating.


Caldwell University recognizes the valuable role that work experience can play in helping students understand and integrate theoretical and practical knowledge. Students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit work with an internship faculty advisor and the Career Planning and Development Office. Students must receive approval for the proposed internship, develop learning objectives and goals in consultation with the internship faculty advisor, work under the supervision of the employer and complete related academic assignments.

All academic internships require departmental approval. To be eligible, students must have completed 30 credits and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5. To earn credit for an internship, students must follow established policies and procedures, begin the process well before the semester for which they plan to register, and then register for the appropriate credit-bearing course by the appropriate semester deadlines.

For a 2 credit internship, students must work a minimum of 80 hours over the course of the semester. For a 3 credit internship, students must work a minimum of 120 hours over the course of the semester.


Why consider an internship? There are many reasons, from “trying out” possible careers, building a professional network, gaining real workplace skills, and finding out what you do, and don’t, like to do when you are at work.

If you want to help yourself get a job after you graduate, do an internship! Relevant work experience is preferred by almost 75% of employers of recent college graduates according to a recent survey, and 60% of employers say they prefer work experience obtained through an internship or co-op experience (NACE’s Job Outlook 2018)

Students may pursue internships for experience, academic credit, or both. Career Planning is here to help you find opportunities related to your interests and goals.

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