Planning to Attend Grad School?

1.  Consider your career goals first:

  • Will a graduate degree help you attain your goals?
  • Do you need additional work-related experience before choosing an area of specialization?
  • Have you read about the career field?
  • Note: Using FOCUS-2 , a self-paced, online career and education planning tool. and reading career related books can be very helpful in answering these questions. Many career planning resources are available on-line and in the Career Development and Planning office, and you can begin searching FOCUS-2 here.

2.  Identify graduate programs in your areas of interest. Send for information/catalogs or go on-line to research programs and their requirements

3.  Discuss your plans with your professors and a career counselor. You may also wish to speak with alumni or current graduate students at your schools of interest.

4.  Select several target programs/schools. Understand each prospective school’s application requirements, deadlines, references and tests needed. Different tests are required for graduate programs:


  • ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools. Latest Edition. Newtown, PA: Random House
  • Graduate Admissions Essays – Write Your Way Into The Graduate School of Your Choice. Donald Asher. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press
  • Graduate School Guide – Student copies available in the Career Planning and Development Office and at various campus locations. An online version can be found at New Rochelle, NY
  • FTE Guide to Theological Education. Atlanta, GA.
  • Kaplan Get into Graduate School: A Strategic Approach. New York, NY: Kaplan Publishing
  • Kaplan Get into Law School. Ruth Lammert-Reeves. New York, NY: Kaplan Publishing
  • Kaplan Get into Medical Schoo: A Strategic Approach. New York, NY: Kaplan Publishing.
  • Peterson’s Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs
  • Peterson’s Law Schools
  • Peterson’s MBA Programs
  • PhD programs

Several of these reference books are available in the Career Planning and Development Resource Library located in Aquinas 109. Peterson’s Guides are also available in Jennings Library as well as many public libraries.