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Four-Year Timeline

Career Planning and Development is here to help you explore, define and achieve your goals!

We are here to help you at any point in the career planning process, and we encourage all students to meet with us for resume review, career guidance, and assistance with job and internship searches.

Call us at 618-3290 or email us at careers@caldwell.edu


  • Visit the Career Planning and Development Office located in Aquinas 109
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss majors and related careers, identify interests, and learn about FOCUS-2
  • Explore new courses and areas of study; get to know the professors
  • Focus on good grades from the beginning; talk to your Freshman Seminar advisor and seek out resources if you need any assistance
  • Join student clubs; participate in campus activities and volunteer opportunities
  • Visit What Can I Do With This Major? to begin learning about careers and steps you can take now to prepare for the future
  • Register with C-JOBS and read our weekly e-newsletter, the Career and Internship Report to learn about workshops, events and part-time jobs


  • Choose and declare your major; if you are undecided, re-visit FOCUS-2 and meet with a career counselor
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to learn more about your major, recommended courses and possible careers
  • Research career paths related to your major using What Can I Do With This Major and print resources in the Career Planning Office
  • Create and/or update your college resume
  • Learn about the academic internship program; research internships for the summer or junior year
  • Attend the Career and Internship Fair and Prepare for the Fair workshops
  • Update your C-JOBS account and review the weekly Career and Internship Report sent to your Caldwell University e-mailbox


  • Pursue an internship or part-time job related to your career interests
  • Seek out leadership roles in student clubs and volunteer organizations
  • Join a student chapter of professional associations in your fields of interest See What Can I Do With This Major for links to professional associations and websites related to your major.
  • Update your resume; focus content on your emerging career interests and goals
  • Explore graduate school/professional school options and requirements
  • Build your professional network: reach out to professors, employers, alumni, friends and family. Create a profile on LinkedIn and begin building your online network.
  • Attend career-related programs, including the Career and Internship Fair and Prepare for the Fair workshops
  • Follow Career Planning on Twitter (@careers_cu) for the latest internships, jobs and posts
  • Update your C-JOBS account and read the Career and Internship Report (weekly e-newsletter) to learn about useful online resources, internships, and events


  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss your post-graduation plans and goals
  • Finalize your resume; have your cover letters and/or graduate school essays critiqued
  • Continue gaining experience in your career field of interest with internships, jobs and activities
  • Collect reference letters from faculty and apply to graduate school
  • Attend the Caldwell University Career Fair and other fairs open to all college students
  • Maintain and cultivate your professional network. Create/update your LinkedIn profile , follow companies and join groups of interest
  • Join the Caldwell University Alumni Group on LinkedIn to connect with Caldwell graduates
  • Go to career programs throughout the year, including practice interview sessions
  • Follow @CaldwellCareers on Twitter for career advice and the latest job and internship postings
  • Update your C-JOBS profile and apply for jobs! Read emails from Career Planning and Development and the weekly Career and Internship Report