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The Caldwell University Campus Safety Office hosted active shooter trainings in June engaging 80 law enforcement officers, campus safety employees, and university staff.

Some 50 state troopers and 30 local police officers from the Caldwells, Roseland, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Verona, and Cedar Grove came to campus on June 25- June 26 for the drills.  SFC Dave Masi, division training officer for the New Jersey State Police, said that active shooter situations are widespread throughout the country so it is important to train. He explained how the officers worked on two different scenarios on Caldwell’s campus where they were told to “react, respond, and make entry.”

Sgt. Neal Picillo, operations training sergeant from Troop B of the New Jersey State Police, said it is beneficial for the State Police and town police departments to train together and to get acclimated to the buildings on campus.  “This is the most realistic practice you can have,” he said.   After the drills they evaluated the situations.

Glenn Gates, Caldwell University’s campus safety director, put together a tabletop training on June 24 to train administration, staff, and faculty on their roles and responsibilities and how to respond in the event of an active shooter.

The training is “necessary and important in maintaining a safe campus,” said Gates.  “It strengthens our relationships with area law enforcement responders and agencies.   It also prevents things from happening.”

The training was part of the university’s comprehensive ongoing campus safety program.