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Cindy awarded
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Caldwell, N.J., April 28, 2022 —  Student and employee excellence at Caldwell University was celebrated at Honors Convocation on April 27. 

President Matthew Whelan, Ed.D. congratulated the honorees pointing out that it was a night to  celebrate the University’s core value of excellence. “Always remember no matter what you end up doing…to live out the Caldwell University mission to seek truth and contribute to a just society. Nothing is more important in the times in which we live.”  He encouraged the students and graduates to also use their gifts, skills and talents “to help bring those around you into a better place.” 

Peter Ubertaccio, Ph.D., vice president for academic affairs, and Bob Mann, professor of communication and media studies, presented the awards. Sister Mary John Kearney, O.P. gave the blessing.  

There were a number of students honored for departmental, honors projects and honor society accomplishments. 

Senior Samantha Guerra received the prestigious Trustee Recognition Award which is given to an outstanding member of the graduating class who has developed his or her special and unique talents during their time at Caldwell University.  The student has also shared those gifts generously to and on behalf of others and provides evidence that Caldwell’s mission and core values will remain a guiding force in their life in the future. 

Christopher awarded
Christopher Peltyszyn

Christopher Joseph Peltyszyn received the Leadership in Ministry award, which is presented to a student who has a strong faith dimension and exemplifies the qualities and values the University hopes to promote in furthering the role of the laity in the Church.   He also received the Joseph A. Brady History award. 

The Faith Does Justice award was presented to Anne Margaret Ilardi and Andrea Gabriela Gutierrez.  A student is recognized with the award for active participation in campus ministry service and justice programming.   

Prasanni Shrestha received the Excellence in Leadership Award which goes to an outstanding member of the graduating class who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in college. 

The C-Pin is awarded to the individual in each class who displays the qualities of an exemplary Caldwell University student. This student is nominated by his or her peers.

C-Pin Awards were presented to:

Freshman – Camellia Ouhadj

Sophomore – Izabella Graziani

Junior – Evenny Peralta

Senior – Emily Gomez Rodriguez

Faculty and Staff Awards

Executive Director of Health Services Cindy Striano  received the 2022 Caldwell Cup, which is awarded to an employee who has made a unique contribution to the campus. The honoree is someone who has exhibited a superior professional approach that goes beyond mere job description, that uniquely benefits Caldwell University, and whose positive influence demonstrably impacts the university community. 

The Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Natural Sciences Professor Agnes Berki, Ph.D. for exhibiting excellence in teaching, passion and enthusiasm for learning, and genuine concern for students’ academic and personal growth.  

The Mission in Action Award was presented to Gloria Friedman of the Education Division.   This award recognizes the extraordinary contributions and quality service of a University staff member and acknowledges their role in advancing the mission of Caldwell University. 

The Graduate Faculty Mentorship Award was presented to  Sean Struncis for exhibiting excellence in mentoring graduate students. 

Education Division faculty member Juliann Meletta was recognized for earning her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Caldwell University. 

Faculty members Dr. Stephanie Sitnick of the School of Psychology and Counseling and Dr. Ranjit Nair of the School of Business and Computer Science was selected as Alvin B. Calman Endowed Chairs. The  selection for this honor is based primarily on the faculty member’s prior scholarly activity as well as for the potential for continued high levels of scholarly activity. 

Music was provided by Caldwell Jazz Band under the direction of Music Department faculty member Rob Middleton.  Andrei St. Felix, director of the EOF Office, gave the closing benediction.

Photos by Mason Corby