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Brittany Rose Gaule of Vernon, New Jersey graduated from Caldwell University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Human Resource Management on May 23. But that isn’t all she is leaving Caldwell with.

When she reflects on her time at the University, Gaule is thankful for the opportunity to receive a great education and meet amazing people who she says she will remember forever. 

“The people are so welcoming and make you feel included and important. The second you step on campus, you feel safe and happy,” Gaule says. “If I could do it all over again, I would definitely come to Caldwell. This school is such a special place and I cannot imagine going to college anywhere else. I feel blessed to be graduating from such a beautiful university.”

Gaule made a lasting impact at Caldwell. She served in Campus Ministry and was a part of the Caldwell University String Ensemble. She was a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success as well as Kappa Gamma Pi Honor Society. She also was one of the students responsible for getting the Psychology Club up and running again. 

“I feel like I played a big role in starting up something so special to so many people,” she said of her role in relaunching the club.

In campus ministry, she took advantage of a number of programs including participating in the Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors Leadership Training summit in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. for three days one summer to learn about leadership on behalf of the poor and how students could take action on their campuses. On Sunday nights during the past year she and Anthony Pineros ‘21 set up the livestream for the Masses from the campus chapel. 

Gaule was invited to speak at the baccalaureate Mass the night before graduation, which was the Liturgy for the Feast of Pentecost.  “As Christ’s chosen ones, we are all called to spread the love and joy of Christ. Similarly, graduation marks the beginning of our mission in the world as we enter the career paths of our choice,” said Gaule.  She reminded her peers that  in order to accomplish this mission everyone has been blessed with different gifts from the Holy Spirit.  

 “As we enter the workforce and find jobs that we have always dreamed of, we know that God is looking out for us and He is always one step ahead of us. We have to be realistic and acknowledge that very few of us will land our dream job the minute we graduate from Caldwell, but no matter what, it is important to learn the job well and do it well.”  She pointed out that the pandemic showed the world who the real heroes are. ”The jobs so many consider menial” proved to be essential, underscoring that every job is important. “So just has the Holy Spirit came to each of the disciples, let us remember that God is guiding each of us on our path to serve and glorify Him in this world.”

After graduation, Gaule will use her human resources education as she joins ADP as an implementation specialist. It feels appropriate that she is entering the workforce conscious of the fact that human connections matter most. Reflecting on her time as a student during the pandemic, Gaule knows that relationships and community are key.

“Life is short and in the blink of an eye, anything can be taken away from you. Life’s greatest gifts are the people we hold close to our hearts. We need to cherish every second we have.” 

-Nicole Burrell ‘09