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Caldwell, N.J., June 8, 2015 – Caldwell University art students showcased their talents at the Gentleman of the Road Stopover festival that drew thousands to Seaside Heights June 4- 6. The festival featured the Grammy Award-winning British rock band Mumford & Sons and other bands.

Using wire from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the Caldwell students created life-sized sculptures of members of Mumford & Sons, which were displayed on the boardwalk, next to the main entrance to the beach. Their other piece, a giant octopus, sat on the beach.

They worked for three days to set up the display, but the sleepless nights “were worth it in every way possible,” said student Marisa Juliano. It was an “opportunity of lifetime”, and “a dream of many artists”, she said, to have had the chance to display their work to such an enormous audience. As people stopped by to look at the sculptures and ask questions, they told the students how “awesome” their work was, said Juliano who kept saying to herself, ‘this is crazy’.

Dr. Jennifer Noonan, their advisor, was extremely proud of them and the attention they received. “They worked really hard and their efforts showed.”

Along with Juliano, students Jessica Marco, Crista Cattano, Julia Scarola, and TJ Kozell worked on the Mumford and Sons sculptures.  Students Paola Martinez, Ashley Francesco, and Erica McCracken worked on the octopus.

The Caldwell students also appreciated having the opportunity to work with art students from Rutgers, Drew and The University of Arts.