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Classroom/Dormitories on the Caldwell University campus filled with last years batch of 3D printed students.
Just one of the many classroom/dormitories on the Caldwell University campus filled with last years batch of 3D printed students.

Caldwell, NJ – April 1, 2015 – With last years innovative initiative to print students instead of recruiting them, Caldwell University has run in to some welcome growing pains. Chief Science Officer (CSO), Anthony Yang, stated, “We printed as many students as we could around the clock. The pool for student template volunteers was not as high as we would have liked. This resulted in whole classrooms filled with the same student template. But we met and exceeded our enrollment goals. So much so that we have had to find creative solutions for housing and classrooms.”

In a bold move, Caldwell University decided to convert some of the classrooms in to classroom/dormitory hybrids. But it did not end there. In a partnership with Oculus Rift, the university is delivering classes via virtual reality, taking online classes to the next level.  “This enables to the student to be transported to a virtual classroom without ever leaving his or her classroom/dormitory,” stated CSO, Anthony Yang.  Attendance for classes have shot up to 100% for the pilot group of students participating in the program. After all, where would they go otherwise?

Happy April Fool's Day!
Just one of the many Oculus VR Headsets deployed at Caldwell University in the classroom/dorm initiative.

Chief Information Officer, Don O’Hagan , stated, “With the help of a terabit network backbone, we are able to deliver a VR classroom experience to each student at Caldwell University.”

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Communications, Joe Posillico, stated, “Students who want an on-campus experience, but also want to take online classes can now have the best of both worlds. This is an exciting time to be a student at Caldwell University!”

This whole article is a fabrication, HAPPY April Fool’s Day!