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Ana Gonzalez
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Ana Gonzalez Martin’s days at Caldwell University taught her quite a few things, like how to step out of her comfort zone and explore the new—such as conducting her own research and joining the track team. “These four years at Caldwell have helped me grow not only as a future professional in the field of biology but as a person,” said Gonzalez Martin, who received a bachelor’s degree in biology on May 15. “I believe that the best part of Caldwell is its diversity,” said Gonzalez Martin, who is from Toledo, Spain. 

During her time at Caldwell, she successfully juggled being a student-athlete playing on the women’s basketball team, the track and field team and the cross-country team. She was named to the CACC All-Academic team three times and placed third in the CACC cross-country championship, making it to the CACC All-Conference team in 2021. 

In her junior year, after conducting research on the antibacterial effects of ginger and hibiscus flower, Gonzalez Martin won the 2020-21 Nature’s Pavilion Bioessence International Scholarship, which is dedicated to the research and systematic study of natural products. And in her senior year she completed her honors project on the strategic management of successful sports organizations. 

Gonzalez Martin is staying on at Caldwell for another year to pursue her MBA. “My dream is to be able to combine my passion for sports and physical therapy to start my own practice one day and treat all kinds of athletes.”

She appreciates the University’s Catholic Dominican foundation and experienced how it is lived out with the support of Sister of St. Dominic Joanne Beirne, O.P. “She has always been there for me, whether it was to bring me to the doctor’s, invite me to Sunday Mass or prepare dinner for me and my friends. But the best thing that I take from Sister Joanne is that she has shared her love for God with me and she has brought me closer to Him. She is a part of my family now, and I will always be grateful for her.”