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Amy Hickman in her graduation

Amy Hickman has enjoyed showing new students the ropes. “I liked helping future generations of Caldwell students,” says Hickman who received her bachelor’s in biology on May 21.  In her four years at Caldwell, she has had the opportunity to interact with many students—as a member of the women’s softball team, a resident assistant, a student worker in the Admissions Office and an orientation leader.

She has taken advantage of opportunities Caldwell has presented, going through the RCIA process to receive the sacrament of confirmation, serving in an impoverished village in Belize— “opened my eyes up tremendously; the people I went with are good friends ”—and making a Midnight Run to serve the homeless in New York City.    She is a two-time All-CACC Player and was an Academic All-District selection as a junior. In her sophomore and senior years, Caldwell won the CACC Championship.  She collected her 200th hit of her career during her senior year.

Hickman’s contributions have been noticed—so much so that at the honors convocation she received the Board of Trustee Recognition Award, a prestigious award given to a member of the senior class who has developed his or her giftedness while a student and has shared those gifts generously and who shows potential to communicate Caldwell’s mission and core values to others.

The Jackson, New Jersey, native is planning to go to graduate school to study to be a physical therapist. “I always knew I had a passion for helping people. People are always attracted to me for help with their injuries.” She says this is “a gift, a sign,” that physical therapy is the direction to take.

She has formed strong relationships with the professional staff and faculty at Caldwell—including science professors Dr. Agnes Berki and Dr. Angela Scimone, her softball coach Dean Johnson, Tim Kessler-Cleary, Meghan Moran and the admissions staff—and is grateful to them. “I love learning from professionals. They have helped me form who I am.”

In return she has made a point of sharing that goodness. “I like to make an imprint on other people. I feel like that was my main goal here.”