Tweedus Chapel Dedication



Lead Benefactors

Elaine Tweedus ’66 and Ed Lonyai

Entryway Doors Sponsor

Elaine Kacmarik ’60

Stained Glass Window Sponsors

  1. Tim and Nancy H. Blattner

Rhonda Linnett Graber, Trustee

In memory of Arlene Linnett-Babb

Mary (Hanlan ’67) Hess

Robert and Mary (Coyle ’69) Hoyer

Lois H. (Perillo ’60) Mills

Gerard E. Toohey ’03 and Marie F. Ruane-Toohey

Mary Anne Willson ’62

In memory of Mary W. and Nicholas S. Willson

Crucifix Sponsors

Jon L. and Stephanie J. Hauge

In memory of Olaf and Gladys Hauge & Edward and Mary Jordan

Saint Joseph Statue Sponsor

Dr. Dorothy J. Cunningham ’49

Virgin Mary Statue Sponsor

Friends of Caldwell University

Stations of the Cross Sponsors

Dr. Alexander and Liz Giaquinto

Patricia Ann Hannon ’68

  1. Sharpell and I. Sharpell ’94

Michael and Mary (Sellitto ’83) Curcio, Trustee

Tabernacle Sponsors

Aedan B. and Carol (Anysz ’67) Dunphy

Ambo Sponsors

Kenneth F. Mullaney, Esq., and Marie Mullaney, Ph.D.

Sanctuary Appointments Sponsors

Meg Poltorak Keyes ’75 and Anne T. Poltorak ’78

Chalice Sponsors

Marguerite Kenney ’71 and Maureen Kenney ’77

In memory of Arthur and Lydia Kenney, and Madeline Kenney 73

Ciborium Sponsor

Doris Krol ’69

In memory of Mary W. Krol

Chapel Chair Sponsors

  1. Tim and Nancy H. Blattner

Kevin and Kerry Boyle

Barbara (Ziglear ’76) Buechner

Jack and Mary (Gaydos ’66) Bury

Caldwell University Alumni Shore Chapter

The Cicale and Manning Families

The Dassing Family

Linda Sue Galate, Ph.D. ’66

Patricia Gartland-Stewart ’85

Dennis Goldstein

Elaine Kacmarik ’60

Charlotte M. Kunst ’47

Barbara (Zimko ’73) Liedl

Florence (Yesville ’56) Maclearie

Nina Neglia ’89

The Ruane Family

The Thomas J. Sellitto Family

Jill Sheldon and Jessica Lynne Fedroff

James T. and Monica (Devlin’67) Larzelere Wixtead

John and Elaine (Bauer’73) Zabriskie