Jonni Lucas

Jonni Lucas

Name:  Jonni Lucas

Graduation Year:  1973

Major at Caldwell:  B.A. Psychology

Profession:  Executive Assistant to Senior Director at NJ TRANSIT Headquarters (Newark).

Membership in Professional Organizations: Member of “The Mental Health Players” in affiliation with the Mental Health Association of New Jersey.

Favorite Memory from Caldwell: After a few minutes I remembered attending a symposium with my Psychology class in Philadelphia.  Dr. Maret’ orchestrated the trip it was an entire day of lectures, etc. pertaining to various methods and treatments. It was very educational and fantastic there were discussions on Freud, Jung, etc. and the impact of how their clinical practices still influence psychiatry today.  At one of the lectures I met one of the three authors of a book I bought (The Color Complex) I referred to for one of my independent studies with Dr. Maret’.