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Veritas Award Honorees, 1986 – Present

1986   Dorothy Cunningham, Ph.D. ’49
          Excellence in Research Science and Education
Eileen Jones, Esq. ’57
          Excellence in Government Law
Elizabeth Fowler Witham `62
          Excellence in Performing Arts
 1987 Rosemary Gelshenen `43
          Excellence in Education
Anne M. Buckley `52
          Excellence in Journalism
Angela Aiello Zaccardi `56, MA ‘73
          Excellence in Government
 1988 Sister Gerardine Mueller, O.P.,`54
          Excellence in Art
Christine White `68
          Excellence in Legal Management and Recruitment
Deborah Streleck-Borenstein `74
          Excellence in Finance
 1989 Irene M. Foley `45
          Excellence in the Field of Media
Helen Kennedy Gerity `50
          Excellence in Catholic Education
Commander Margaret O’Malley `69
          Excellence in Leadership and Service to Country
Sister Maura Campbell, O.P., Ph.D.
 1990 Charlotte Kunst `47
          Excellence in Pharmaceutical Communication
Marcia Daley Bradley, Ph.D. `62
          Excellence in Science
Florence Mercurio Riggs `63
          Excellence in Music
 1991 Sister Mary Andrew Kennedy, O.P.`49
          Excellence in Christian Witness
Rita Walter Henry `59
          Excellence in Innovative Teaching
Patricia Dempsey Faherty `55
          Excellence in Christian Witness
Maria DeLuca `68
         Excellence in Independent Filmmaking
 1992 Marilyn MacNee Coburn `48
         Excellence in Human Concerns
Lisa Murtha Bromberg, Esq. `80
         Excellence in the Environmental Field
Antonina Terranova Garcia, Ph.D.`68
         Excellence in Psychodrama
 1993 June Dwyer Castano `55
         Excellence in Leadership
Carol Norcia Funk `68
         Excellence in Psychology
Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis, O.P.’64
         Excellence in Ecology
 1994 Sister Vivien Jennings, O.P., Ph.D.`60
         Excellence in Leadership and Contributions to Education
Betty Murphy Durkin `80
         Excellence in Her Selfless Dedication to the Creation of Family and its Life
Mary Constantini Mathieu `74
         Excellence in Art
 1995 Mariette Reilly `52
          Excellence in Regulatory Operations for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Elaine Vertucci Baran `66
          Posthumous Award for Excellence in Foreign Language Education
Sister Margaret Thomas McGovern, O.P., Ph.D. `61
          Excellence in Spiritual Leadership
 1996 Arline M. Friscia `56
          Excellence in Politics
Nancy Meier Calabrese `68
          Excellence in Medicine
Sister M. Anne John O’Loughlin, O.P., Ph.D. `59
           Excellence in Education
 1997 Mary Anne Willson `62
           Excellence in Hospital Administration
Patricia A. Peck-Bernet `72
           Excellence in Corporate Management
Sister Mary Kathleen Malarky, O.P. `60
           Excellence in Early Childhood Education
 1998 Carol Occhiogrosso Hutchinson `67
           Excellence in Computer Systems Engineering
Fredericka Galuppo Mabon `61
           Excellence in Community Outreach
Carmella Bucceri Altamura `61
           Excellence in Music
 1999 Sister Rita Margaret Chambers, O.P., `52
           Excellence in Higher Education
Angela Perillo Stephan `71
           Excellence in Management Consulting
Phyllis M. Cordasco Healy-Sova `78
           Excellence in Social Services
 2000 Barbara Elizabeth Fitzsimmons `57
           Excellence in Higher Education and Social Services
Patricia L. Grodeck `70
           Excellence in Secondary Education
Jean C. Lauricella, M.D. `73
            Excellence in Medicine
 2001 Dorothy C. Caccio `61
            Excellence in Music
Marilyn P. Bastardi `66
            Excellence in Business and Volunteering
Kathleen Bott-Fleming `88
            Excellence in Counseling for Advancement of Women in Science
 2002 MaryAnne Covich Kowalczyk `61
            Excellence in Communication for the Deaf
Rita Finn Menz `67
            Excellence in Legal Marketing
Margaret Poltorak-Keyes `75
            Excellence in Artistic Design
 2003 Linda Sue Galate, Ph.D., `66
            Excellence in Christian Hospital Research
Marie Hogarty `68
            Excellence in Maternal and Child Healthcare
Constance Killion `73
            Excellence in Aerospace Engineering
 2004 Beatriz Gomez-Klein `73
            Excellence in Psychotherapy
Linda Chiaravalloti Luciano `78
           Excellence in Health Administration
Edward J. Nekel `98
           Excellence in Criminal Justice
 2005 Sister Patrice Werner, O.P., Ph.D., ‘66
           Excellence in Leadership in Higher Education
 2006 Sister Elizabeth Michael Boyle, O.P., Ph.D. ‘59
           Excellence in Education and Poetry
June LaBella Drewry ‘71
           Excellence in Technology Management
Sally Ward Kelly ‘55
         Excellence in Early Childhood Development 
 2007 Elizabeth Glenn Matuszak ’43
        Special Veritas Award: Pioneer in Caldwell University History
Sister Alice Matthew Thees, O.P., Ph.D ’54
        Excellence in Administration
Caroline Ward, M.L.S. ’68
        Excellence in Librarianship
 2008 Michael Ippolito, Ph.D. ‘84
        Excellence in Psychotherapy
Kathleen P. Galop, Esq. ‘68
        Excellence in Historic Preservation
Laurita McGreevy Warner ‘70
        Excellence in Corporate Communication
 2009 Sister Mary Amelia Cetera, O.P. ‘54
        Excellence in Education Leadership
Irene Sinteff ‘73
        Excellence in Human Resources
Patrick Lamy, Ph. D. ‘91
        Excellence in Student Affairs in Higher Ed.
 2010 Mary Jo Rolli Codey ‘77
        Excellence in Mental Health Advocacy
Nancy Costello Miller, Esq. ‘79
        Excellence in Jurisprudence
Edward Collins ‘98
        Excellence in Financial Management
 2011 Elizabeth Matuszak Howson ‘69
        Excellence in Chemical Education
Dr. Veronica Dowling ‘72
        Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery
Mrs. Marion Goldstein ‘78
        Excellence in Poetry Therapy
 2012 Anne Poltorak ‘78
        Excellence in Human Resource Management
Rosann Rovento Bar ‘82, Ph.D.
        Excellence in Sociology Education
Juan Sheenan ‘92
        Excellence in Catholic Social Services
 2013 Justin Cece ’99
        Excellence in Media
Barbara Detrick, Ph.D. ’65
        Excellence in Immunology
Rosemary Buczek ’71
        Excellence in Calligraphy
 2014 Sister Patricia Stringer ’69
        Excellence in Ministry Leadership
Gail Sutton Kuchavik ’97
        Excellence in Geriatric Advocacy 
 2015 Nancy H. Blattner, Ph.D., OPA
        Excellence in Leadership in Higher Education
 2016 Eileen Curtis ’68
        Excellence in Cultural Programming
Mary Lou Donnelly Doneski ’56
        Excellence in Leadership and Service
Colonel Christopher Doneski ’90
        Excellence in Military Service
 2017 Elaine Bauer Zabriskie ’73
        Excellence in Quality Technology
Sister de Montfort Kinchellagh ’66
        Excellence in Social Justice Advocacy
Carlos Pomares ’93
        Excellence in Cultural Activism
 2018 Jon Callahan ’04 
        Excellence in Entrepreneurship
Evelyn Ferrara Major ’68 
        Excellence in Dominican Charism
Honorable Marcella Matos Wilson ’87 
        Excellence in Family Law
 2019 Sr. Alice McCoy, O.P. ’68 
        Excellence in Humanitarian Efforts
Marcy Holmes Matlosz ’76 
        Excellence in Business and Volunteerism
Tanya L. Freeman, Esq, ’08 
        Excellence in Law and Family Services