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Akwasi Osei-Du
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Degree: Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics

Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana

What was the best part of Caldwell University for you?

The best part of Caldwell for me was the people, the warmth with which they treat you, and the extent to which they are invested in your whole upliftment. You feel a part of a true family here.

Where are you headed now? I am heading to work as an investment banking analyst for global financial services firm, Credit Suisse in Manhattan, New York.

Life lessons learned at Caldwell?

Here I learned the journey matters as much as the destination because of what it asks of you. My journey at Caldwell has not been linear. At least in many respects and in hindsight, I am thankful for the curves as much as anything. My journey has asked me to summon my true and best self in many instances. It has demanded of me the courage to step out of my comfort zone(from being a science student ending up being a finance student), and sometimes the vulnerability to allow others to help me. These are values and life lessons that I think will be key to my continued growth and success.

Who helped you get here that you want to thank? 

The list is almost endless when I cast my mind to the very beginning of my journey, but here are a few.  First, I cannot thank Professor Virginia Rich, the associate dean of the School of Business and Computer Science, enough for her unwavering support; Dr Anthony Annan, my academic advisor for his support and mentorship, Professor Helen McGowan and Professor Ann Marie Callahan for their empathetic guidance and all the staff in the Business School  (Melissa Cook, Lynne Ho.) There are so many others but space won’ t allow me to list them- the kind staff like Paula Vieira in security.

Favorite spot on Caldwell’s campus?

My favorite spot outside my room must be the lounge spaces by the glass windows in Werner Hall’s second and third floors. They are spots you can sit in and do some work while looking out at the people!

Other highlights of your time at Caldwell? 

My time serving as a resident assistant, being at the forefront of helping live out Caldwell’s core value of community, my time on the International Student Organization during the global Thanksgiving event, and of course all the fun programs I have been to in the dorm.