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Meet Our Students

Flag of the Bahamas


Danielle Hutcheson
Class of 2020, health science

Headshot of Danielle H. I love Caldwell due to the abundance of support and family orientation. Here I am not a statistic; I am an individual with my own voice and Caldwell gave me a forum to be heard.




Flag of Bangladesh


Shreyoshi Hossain
Class of 2020, Biology and Chemistry

I adore Caldwell’s tight-knit community, which gives me a sense of belonging. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved…last summer I was accepted into a competitive  research internship thanks to my professors’ recommendations and ended up winning the first prize for my research.



Flag of Brazil


Thomas Costa Santana
Class of 2021, psychology

Thomas Costa Santana“Since the first time I step foot on campus, I felt at home. I enjoy the way people treat you here, the diversity of nations, and also the small classes with only a few students which makes you closer to them and to the professor.”



Flag of Ghana


Kofi Mireku
Class of 2020, biology

Headshot of Kofi M.“My picture library is loaded with a plethora of precious memories I have made here at Caldwell since I arrived 3 years ago. I love this place because of the warmth and attention given by the faculty and staff.”



Flag of India


Shanan Choondassery
Class of 2022, CIS-IT

Shanan Choondassery“I love being here as part of the diverse community they have, which helps me to understand different people’s culture and interests. Caldwell celebrates many cultural events based on different countries which are very interesting. Finally, the classes are small, which allows you to get to know your professors and them to get to know you as a person.”



Flag of Jamaica


Denis Gray
Class of 2020, business administration

Denis Gray“The small classrooms make it easier to focus and interact with professors… and they really care about our progress and success inside and outside of the classroom. I enjoy attending on-campus events and also off-campus trips to various attractions in NYC.”



Flag of Nepal


Madhu Paudel
Class of 2020, CIS-IT & mathematics

Madhu Paudel“Small campus community, yet diverse and rich culture makes me feel like home here in Caldwell. And the plethora of opportunities helped my academic and personal development. My experience here will become a cherished memory in my life. Thank You Caldwell University for this wonderful opportunity.”


Flag of Norway


Sander Golmen
Class of 2021, Business Administration w. Sport Management

Headshot of Sander Golmen“As a student-athlete, Caldwell University gave me the opportunity to combine my education with my passion for soccer…. and at the same time, I have been able to discover and experience life and culture in America.”




Flag of Spain


Ana Gonzalez
Class of 2022, Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy)

“I chose Caldwell University because it granted me the opportunity to pursue my dream of studying biology while engaging in the sport I love, basketball. Moreover, having grown up influenced by the Catholic tradition, I very much appreciated the fact that Caldwell is a Catholic institution. My favorite moment at Caldwell thus far was the first time I stepped on campus! I instantly recognized just how welcoming and helpful the faculty and student body are. Since then, I have established friendships and bonds which have truly changed my life. One of the things I enjoy the most about Caldwell is the presence of diversity on campus. The international students come from all over the world. I learn so much about different cultures, values, and ways of thinking through the presence of so many ethnic groups.”

Flag of Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago

Aarion Romany
Class of 2021, chemistry

Aarion Romany“I selected Caldwell due to its proximity to New York City and knowing that I can access many internship opportunities from companies located in the metropolitan area. The small class sized also drew me in because its easier to talk to professors and ask questions.”



Flag of Uganda


Keith Kyewalabye
Class of 2021, pre-medicine

“I choose Caldwell University because of its small size and also because of the great scholarship I was offered. One of my best memories at Caldwell was when I was chosen to attend the World Youth Forum in Egypt. Friendliness, knowing almost everyone, playing indoor soccer and playing with my band “clueless” are some of the things I enjoy the most about this place.”


Flag of Vietnam


Huong Nguyen
Class of 2020, Communications & Media Studies

“My favorite moment at Caldwell has been the Caldwell Research and Creative Art Day, where I presented my digital art project and won the first prize in the category of Creative Art. As a business student, I had minimum contact with other fields such as art, drawing or research. However, Caldwell encouraged me to think outside of the box and to think beyond the classroom. My friends and my professors gave me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and bravely experience new fields that I hadn’t tried before. …and I won!  At Caldwell University, I found that a professor is not only a professor but also a friend who gives me advice and actually cares about my future.”