Sponsor’s Affidavit of Annual Cash Support & Proof of Financial Capability

Download the Sponsor’s Affidavit of Annual Cash Support and Proof of Financial Capability.


By completing this affidavit, you are swearing to the U.S. government that this student will live with you free of any charge for room and food for every year he or she is studying at Caldwell University and living in the U. S. (The student cannot be required to provide you with any services such as babysitting, cleaning, etc. in exchange for the room and board, like that in employment.) You are also proving that you are the person who owns or rents the property and can afford the support you are promising with the documents you have attached. Before signing it, you must understand that you are making a financial commitment to the student that should not be broken. Sponsors who fail to provide the promised support force students to drop out of school and cause pain and suffering. Do not expect that the student will be able to help support the costs through employment. Employment is strictly controlled by the Immigration Service and very limited.


  • Complete this form in English. Promise only the amount of money you are able to give. The most common reason we reject affidavits is that we do not believe a sponsor can afford to give as much as promised.
  • Attach the documentary evidence of support explained below.
  • Sign the affidavit in front of a notary public or the appropriate official in your country.


Prove that you are financially capable of providing this cash support for every year of the student’s program by attaching all the following documents (if all of these documents are not attached, your support will not be considered). Documents must be: Photocopies or faxes, Current (less than two months old), In English, In U. S. Currency, Notarized.

  • Proof of Income. This must be on your employer’s business stationery, on income tax returns or receipts, or estimated by a bank or private accountant if you are self-employed. The income of a company will not be accepted as proof of income. You must provide an official statement of the salary paid to you or it must appear on tax returns.
  • Bank Statement in your name, which states the date the account was opened, the current balance in U. S. dollars, average deposits, and average balances. We cannot accept statements that do not specify balances unless it is stated to be a minimum of six figures in U. S. dollars. If another person’s name appears on your bank statement, that person must complete a separate affidavit or submit a notarized statement permitting those funds to be considered as financial support for the student.